Moving To Eat Is Not As Easy As It Sounds

Moving more to eat more is not as easy as it sounds. A week ago I started a new six-week weight loss experiment I named #MoveToEat2015. My goal was to encourage myself to move more without overcompensating through food. To recap, I can eat 500 fewer calories each day than I burned the day before (I’m keeping track of calories burned with a Microsoft Band). I won’t start a day with fewer than 1,200 calories, though. I gave myself a couple of “outs” because I don’t want to be miserable….

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Delicious buffet food

Move To Eat

Two days ago I started another six-week weight loss experiment. I like doing things in short, intense bursts. It fits my personality better than long bouts of moderation. Basically, I move in order to eat. This one involves keeping track of how many calories I burn each day using my Microsoft Band, and adjusting the…

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