One World Trade Center Observatory

View of Brooklyn from the One World Observatory

One World Trade Center is open for business and largely occupied by tenants, but the Observatory on the 100th, 101st, and 102nd floors is  having its official public opening on Friday, May 29th.  I was allowed in for a sneak peek.

I’ve been near One Word Trade many times, but never very close. I got off of the subway and because of the route I was taking, I couldn’t actually see the building until I turned a corner and it was right there. It’s an imposing but beautiful structure….

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Moving more to eat more is not as easy as it sounds.

Moving To Eat Is Not As Easy As It Sounds

A week ago I started a new six-week weight loss experiment I named #MoveToEat2015. My goal was to encourage myself to move more without overcompensating through food. To recap, I can eat 500 fewer calories each day than I burned the day before (I’m keeping track of calories burned with a Microsoft Band). I won’t…

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Delicious buffet food

Move To Eat

Two days ago I started another six-week weight loss experiment. I like doing things in short, intense bursts. It fits my personality better than long bouts of moderation. Basically, I move in order to eat. This one involves keeping track of how many calories I burn each day using my Microsoft Band, and adjusting the…

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