The Couple That Jogs Together…Something

The Couple That Jogs Together... fb

In twenty-six years as a couple my husband and I have barely exercised together. I mean, there were some pre-kid periods when we actually went to the gym at the same time, but then we went our separate ways and met up at the end. We’ve done a few long bike rides together over the years, and I remember one very memorable game of tennis where I dragged him out of the house to play, even though he was getting over mono at the time (it was the only way I could beat him).

But that’s it. We don’t exercise together. When he was jogging five miles at a time I was stuck to the couch. When I was training for half marathons he was living on doughnuts.

But we’ve finally matched up: We’re both in terrible shape.

I suggested to him that we do a Couch To 5K program together (often referred to online as C25K), one of those interval programs that starts you out mostly walking and increases the running intervals until, after six or eight weeks, you’re running 3.1 miles. It took a little convincing—he wasn’t familiar with the concept—but he finally said yes….

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Rear view of university students with backpacks walking on campus road

A Mother Responds

Our latest podcast recording session had me nervous. I’d never met our guest before, and she was going to be on our show talking about her step-son’s suicide. I didn’t know how to act. Would the entire episode just be sad? Would I cry? Would she cry? Could I make jokes? I needn’t have worried….

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I've seen presenters do one specific thing that totally tanks their presentation. Don't do this thing.

How To Ruin A Good Presentation

Good vs. Great I’ve spoken at a lot of conferences. I really have no idea if my presentations are good or not. I’m usually talking about such scintillating subjects as podcasting and working with brands. And a lot of it is in Q&A form, which is hard to mess up (unless you call for questions…

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Lighthouse and storm

Are You Ready For Storms?

{This post is sponsored by Kidde.} When I first moved to North Carolina in my early twenties, I knew nothing about hurricanes. I’d grown up in Buffalo and had zero experience with them. And since I was living in the Raleigh-Durham area, 200 miles from the Atlantic coast, I didn’t think I needed to worry…

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Naked vs. Nekkid. One bothers me, and the other one doesn't. Here's why.

Naked Vs. Nekkid

On Monday my husband and I were driving back from Atlantic City (he lost; I lost exactly ten times what he did) and I happened to read two articles about nudity one right after the other. The first article was about the nearly-nude women in Times Square. I try to avoid Times Square when I…

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