Chicken About Chicken Bones

So my son and I were walking home from school today, and when we were almost there I saw some garbage fly out of an SUV’s window onto the sidewalk in front of our house.  I tossed a frown towards the very large woman in the front seat, who was eating chicken and throwing the…

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Fashion Show Update

OK, I know I’ve waited a while to tell you how the Macy’s fashion show went, but it was just too embarrassing.  I’ve written about it in more detail here.  Since writing that, I’ve seen a video of the fashion show (the kids and I appear at 15:08) and I’m relieved to report that while…

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The Fashionistas

We're on the left, in the middle

OK, I’m not exactly known for my fashion sense. I shop at basically two places: Old Navy and Target. I get what fits, and I wear it until I wear it out. Every once in a while, for a special occasion, I’ll go to a store with better clothes and drop a little money on…

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