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Regal Cinemas And Burger King Leave Me With Bad Taste In My Mouth

I just posted an Open Letter to Regal Cinemas over at NYC Moms Blog. In short, we went to see WALL*E yesterday, and while the movie was fantastic, the movie-going experience just gets more expensive and more annoying. But I daresay it’s worth it for this movie. Go see it as soon as you can. […]

When Is A Popsicle More Than Just A Popsicle?

No, I’m not talking about anything Freudian. For my husband and me, the Popsicles that I bought yesterday have become a source of contention. My husband and I used to fight about one thing only: money. We’d have skirmishes here and there about other things, but if I were to list our top ten biggest […]

The Sibling War Continues

It’s now been about three weeks of Jake and Fiona being at each other’s throats whenever they’re alone. They’ve been fine in public, but put them in a room alone together and Fiona will be crying within five minutes. When the kids have dinner on weekdays, sometimes I eat with them, sometimes I stay in […]

My Son Loves Baby Books

My son Jake is six. He’s reading way above grade level in school, top of his class. And yet, when he’s home, he always picks picture-laden books from his sister’s shelf. Granted, most of them used to belong to him, so they’re familiar and comforting. He’s read them so many times he has them memorized. […]

My Kids Are Beating The Crap Out Of Each Other

Have you ever wanted to knock your kids’ heads together? I’m talking pick them up by the scruff of the neck, bonk their heads together, and say (in a heavily-accented Goodfella’s voice), “What’s the matter with you?” My kids have always had their little scuffles. They’re siblings, I get it, I expect it. But for […]

BlogHer, Here I Come!

I had been toying around with the idea of going to BlogHer ’08 ever since I started blogging for the SVMoms group a few months ago. It seemed like it would be a fun weekend, plenty of parties and events. And a chance to visit my sister and her girlfriend, who live in San Fransisco, […]

When It Comes To Dead Mice, I’m A Big Chicken

Our house has been overrun with mice lately. We’ve always had a mouse problem, for the whole two years that we’ve lived here. Part of the problem is that we’re undergoing a renovation (the longest one in history), so there’s no way to close everything up. When we called an exterminator, that was the first […]

Memories Of A Barftastic Road Trip

SoCalMom is running a contest on her blog involving stories of memorable road trips. Our most memorable road trip happened this past Thanksgiving. We were driving from Brooklyn to Buffalo, and if we had been smart we would have left in the morning. But I wasn’t packed or ready, so we finally headed out after […]

Take The Lands’ End Survey And You Could Win A Gift Card

Lands’ End wants you to take their back-to-school survey, and if you do, they’ll enter you in their raffle to win one of five $100 Lands’ End gift cards! Just take the survey before June 25th, and you’re entered. Originally Posted on Selfish Mom

Kung Fu Panda Review Posted On “Movie Monday”

My review of Kung Fu Panda has been featured on “Movie Monday” on the website Observations from Missy’s Window. Check it out here, along with lots of other interesting movie news and reviews. Originally Posted on Selfish Mom