My Son Loves Baby Books

My son Jake is six. He’s reading way above grade level in school, top of his class. And yet, when he’s home, he always picks picture-laden books from his sister’s shelf. Granted, most of them used to belong to him, so they’re familiar and comforting. He’s read them so many times he has them memorized. (I’ve read Little Women about two dozen times, so I can relate.) But I know that he would enjoy chapter books if he gave them a chance.

He just may the the only kid I know his age who isn’t reading chapter books. I’ve tried! He loves the cartoon movie version of Charlotte’s Web, so I thought the E.B. White book would be a good start. He refused to even pick it up. So then I thought I’d try something more adventurous, and I picked him up the first book in The Spiderwick Chronicles, and he had no interest in that either. I even tried reading it to him, but he kept asking for his favorites, Richard Scarry’s What Do People Do All Day and his sister’s alphabet book.

Today I came across an interesting list of age-appropriate books on Tech Savvy Mama. The Encyclopedia Brown books look promising. I haven’t offered him any chapter books in a few months, so I think I’m going to get him the first one in that series and see what happens. With summer here, and more time to read, I’m hopeful.

BTW, Tech Savvy Mama is running a contest on her blog right now, giving away 10 sets of books from Scholastic. You can read about how to enter here. Good luck!

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