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Huggable Hangers Winner: You’re #1! You’re #1!

If you look at the first few comments on the Huggable Hanger contest post, you’ll see why I think the winner is kind of funny. And I had to take a picture of the sequence generator, since I was afraid nobody would believe me. Our winner is Adventures in Babywearing. Congratulations! Thanks to everyone […]

Win Fifty Huggable Hangers!

A little while back I received a couple of Huggable Hangers to try out. I had seen these on TV, but for some reason, the commercials had not convinced me to pick up the phone. I thought that either they really were as good as they said, and would be too expensive, or they were […]

Stainless Steel Card Holder Winners!

OK, I have the winners of the gorgeous Woven Stainless Steel Card Holders from Stewart/Stand. The random winner is bonggamom, and the winner that I chose was Leticia, AKA Tech Savvy Mama. Leticia’s suggestion was a stainless steel sunglasses holder, and perhaps I was swayed because I spent two weeks shopping for a sunglasses holder […]

Videos That Tickle Me

There are some videos that I can watch over and over (and no, not all of them are a-ha videos). This one has been going around for a while, but my step-mom just emailed it to me and reminded me of its existence. It’s comedienne Anita Renfroe, condensing everything moms say to their kids in […]

What Did Happen When I Got Back?

On my way back from San Francisco I wrote a post for the NYC Moms Blog about leaving my kids home with my husband for an extended amount of time, when he would have to deal with the kids during their normal routine, carpooling and packing lunches and all that other fun stuff. As I […]

My Meeting With A Couple Of Muppets

Have you ever gone out for a walk and run into your favorite movie star? Gone to the grocery store and bumped in to a rock star? That’s what I felt like last week when I stumbled upon Sesame Street characters Grover and Abby Cadabby. I was in San Francisco, at the BlogHer convention. The […]

Product Giveaway: Woven Stainless Steel Card Holders

A little while back I was in DUMBO stalking the cast of Rescue Me when I stumbled upon a really cool little store called Stewart/Stand. The store stocks household and personal items, many whimsical and different than what you’re going to find in most stores. Housed in what used to be a garage, the store […]

BlogHer and Grover and Lists, Oh My!

So I’m still jetlagged from spending half of last week in California (my first trip there, incidentally). I was there just long enough to get on their schedule, and now I seem to be stuck. I went to San Francisco to attend BlogHer, a convention for female bloggers. I’ll write more about the convention later, […]

Timothy Olyphant Insists on Having His Picture Taken With Me

OK, it wasn’t like he saw me on the street and ran up to me and said “Are you who I think you are? Can I get a picture with you?” It was the opposite. He was filming the FX drama Damages in my neighborhood and I was getting pictures for my other website, Filming […]

Closer Contest Winner

Thanks to the wonderful, potty-mouthed people who entered. The winner is: #3, Karen! Her curse was: Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck. It’s important to get the rhythm right on this one! I love it, very Hugh Grant-ish. Karen wins an insulated drink cooler from The Closer. I myself tend to say (with mucho sarcasm) […]