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Huggable Hangers Winner: You’re #1! You’re #1!

If you look at the first few comments on the Huggable Hanger contest post, you’ll see why I think the winner is kind of funny. And I had to take a picture of the sequence generator, since I was afraid nobody would believe me.

Our winner is Adventures in Babywearing. Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who entered. I have a feeling we’ll be giving away more of these hangers in the future. I got a bunch of emails from people saying that they already had them so they didn’t want to enter the contest, but that they thought that these hangers were really great. Feel free to post comments even if you don’t want to enter – just mention that in the comment. I won’t assign you a number.

And BTW, before anyone emails asking why the timestamp on was 3 minutes before the hour, I have no idea. By the time I printed out the comments, verified that nobody had entered twice in one day, numbered the eligible comments, answered the phone, got a breadstick from the fridge leftover from last night’s dinner at Olive Garden, and answered the door (my package is here!), it was probably at least 12:15 before I got around to getting the winner.

So a big thank you to Joy Mangano for the hangers, and remember to watch her tonight on the Home Shopping Network, at 9pm and 11pm.

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