Product Giveaway: Norton 360 & Norton Antivirus

When I was at BlogHer last month in San Francisco, Norton had a booth set up to check the security on laptops. I didn’t end up having time to take them up on that, which is sad for me, because I missed out on something free. But it probably didn’t matter much, because I’ve had Norton 360 installed on my laptop since I got it. In fact, this is a weird confluence of free stuff: My own personal copy of Norton 360 was given to me by Staples, for free, before I had a blog to thank them on. I went to a Staples seminar on safety, and many different aspects of safety were covered: home safety, personal safety, and online safety (hence, the free copy of Norton 360).

This is a weird product to comment on/review because it’s kind of like birth control: it works great until it doesn’t, and then all of the greatness before that point ceases to matter. But I’ve been using Norton computer security products for a couple of years now, and I can happily say that I’ve never had a virus or any of the other bizarre, devastating things happen to my computer that I’ve heard about from other people. And, unlike some other security software I’ve used in the past, Norton doesn’t cause me any grief. It just runs. It doesn’t conflict with any of the other stuff going on. It doesn’t get in the way. It only pops up and bothers me when it has something really important to say. My children should be so considerate.

Anyway, at BlogHer, Norton was nice enough to give me four copies of their online security products: two copies of Norton 360 2.0 (which can be installed on up to three Windows computers running Vista or XP), each one an $80 value; and two copies of Norton Antivirus for Mac (which can be installed on one computer, running Mac OS X v10.4.10 or higher), each a $50 value. Each of these comes with a free one-year subscription. You need this! Don’t leave your computer unprotected!

To enter, leave a comment on this post stating two things: which prize you want to win (Windows or Mac), and whether or not you’re responsible about computer security (using an anti-virus program, backing up your hard-drive, etc.).

Please feel free to comment as many times as you like, but only one comment per person will count for the drawing. Winner will be chosen by Prize can be shipped only to the United States, Canada, or Mexico. The contest will end at noon on Tuesday, August 26th.

Good luck, and may your computer be virus-free!

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  1. says

    Hi, I’d like to win the Windows copy of the Norton 360. I’m very responsible about computer security, especially since in the first month after I got my computer it got choked with adware. I ended up getting something called Spy Sweeper, and it completely cleaned up the computer. Then I slapped Norton’s Internet Security on and that has worked well. My brother says 360 is the way to go, so I’d love to give it a try. Thanks, and have a great day :)

  2. says

    I am not particularly smart about internet/computer security; Up until last week, I’ve just been lucky. I made a completely rookie move and opened something I was unsure of. It was a virus that quickly took over my compute and was savvy enough to keep changing it’s file name so as to make it very hard to delete. Thankfully, it was my pc at work and there wasn’t much on it. But they did have to wipe the drive so I lost all my favorites and a particularly cool photo of Michael Phelps I can no longer find. Alas… (Anywho, I’m interested in the mac version).

  3. says

    Michael Phelps? Seriously? I mean, he’s a great athlete, but he’s kind-of goofy looking! I mean, goofy in a good way, but still…maybe it was a pic of his body with his head cut off?

    OK, now I’m just being mean.

  4. Natasha says

    He’s got a great body!…that’s the nicest thing I can say, lol – sorry Michael.
    I would love to win the windows version. I’m pretty responsible when it comes to computer security, and back up all the time (I use it for our business, so I’m in a lot of trouble if something disappears) I don’t open anything from the internet, and am careful about the sites that I visit…my Husband, that’s a different story >.< He recently infected my beloved computer with an annoying adware thingy, I installed SuperAntiSpyware (< the ‘super’ means it must be good, right?) Free edition, and it seems to have cleaned up the problem. He now has his own computer to play on, which he can infect to his hearts content.

  5. Ellen Ring says

    I would love the Windows version. my husband usaully takes care of everything for the computer. I know very little about it.

  6. says

    OK everyone, thanks for playing. I can’t pick the winner at the moment – out and about – but will do it tonight. Only the entries above this message will be entered.

  7. says

    Wow, sorry it took me almost twelve hours to get to this – one of those days!
    Anywho, our winners are: Alisa and Carolyn (Windows) and Amybeth and Dale (Mac). Congrats!

  8. Alisa Weiss says

    Oh my gosh, thank you!!!! It’s the first thing I’ve won in a really long time. And I really need it, as I keep getting errors. Will reply to your email. Thanks again!!!

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