Thith thuckth!

It’s been three days and I still sound like Cindy Brady after getting punched in the mouth. To recap, on Wednesday morning I bit the side of my tongue so hard that it swelled right up and I’ve been re-biting it ever since. It’s not just biting. Basically every time I move my mouth at all, my tongue rubs up against my teeth and it hurts. Even swallowing causes an involuntary movement of my tongue, and I just keep irritating it. It’s never going to heal!

Last night, around six, I just couldn’t stand it any more and stopped talking. My son thought it was a fun game, but that’s because he was pretty good at figuring out my hand signals and grunts. My daughter got really upset and no matter how many times her brother explained what was going on, she kept yelling “Why won’t you talk to me!!!!!!!”

When we got real stuck, I typed things out on the computer. Because I don’t know how to mime “Who used the toilet, didn’t flush, and didn’t use any toilet paper?!” without looking like I’m playing X-rated charades.

Today, since I had to be out and about talking to people and not miming, I kept my tongue between my teeth all day, so that they wouldn’t rub. Remember that guy from Forrest Gump who talked about shrimp all the time? I look like him. But hopefully it helped, and got a little better. I can’t really tell.

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