Product Giveaway: Norton Laptop Locks

When I was at BlogHer last month in San Francisco, I picked up some internet security products from Norton to give away, which I did earlier this week. I also picked up three Norton laptop locks. I was just going to get two, to give away, because I didn’t know that I could use one on my own laptop as well. But after mentioning that to the good people at the Norton booth, they showed me the little hole on my laptop where I could use the lock! So that’s what that was for. It’s good to know what your holes are for.

So, I’ve been getting a lot of use out of my lock, especially with all of the traveling I’ve been doing lately. The last hotel I stayed in didn’t have a safe in the room, and I wasn’t always taking my laptop with me, so I would lock it to some furniture. Sure, if someone wanted to get my laptop they could break apart the furniture, or damage the laptop out of spite, but if they’re willing to go that far then there really isn’t much I can do. The lock will, however, prevent an opportunistic swiper.

I’m not sure exactly how much these are worth, since they were promotional items and not available in stores. But based on similar laptop locks, I’d guess each of these is worth between $30 and $40.

I have two of these to give away. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this entry. Tell me your biggest sob story about something that was swiped from you. I’ll pick one winner at random, and one winner based on whichever story tickles my fancy. Not sure if that means the funniest, saddest, or most stupid. Depends on my mood, I guess.

Please feel free to comment as many times as you like, but only one comment per person will count for the drawing. Winner will be chosen by Prize can be shipped only to the United States, Canada, or Mexico. The contest will end at noon (Eastern) on Tuesday, September 2nd.

I’ll start you off with my saddest swiping story. A few years ago I was going to a specialist for some tests (they were all fine). I got my almost brand new, $350 Palm Pilot out to look up the address. I must have put it on my lap, and it must’ve just fallen to the ground when I got out of the car. I realized that it was gone no more than five minutes later, and ran back to the car. I found the stylus under the car, but the Palm was long gone. I’m still pissed about that. There was plenty of info in there that would have led back to me, so the person who picked it up had no intention of finding its owner.

Good luck!

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  1. Michelle Wittendorf says

    ok so i have really never had anything taken that was mine except for one time i had a full cd wallet in the car, well i thought i left it in the pocket on the car door. well evidentally when i got out of the car the cd wallet fell out, we came out of the store, it was no where to be seen. it was a cd wallet with every single one of my favorite cds i had owned in it. it was completely full prolly about 50+ cds in it. i was so upset. (i was like 18 at the time so my music was very important to me) lol to this day i still have some of the empty cd cases from some of those cds still floating around.

  2. Stacey Nichols says

    I’ve been robbed a couple times, each was when someone broke into my car. first time they got my radio, amp, speakers, cd’s and about 10 bucks. second time they got the little slide out compartment filled with coins, probably about 10 bucks or so. third time they just ransacked my car and I’m not even sure what if anything was stolen, it was such a mess.

  3. says

    My car was broken into one night – someone tried to steal it, my neighbors in the apartment overlooking the parking lot saw them, then the person realized it was a stick shift and couldn’t drive stick, so they ran off! I had over $1000 in damage to replace the window and repair the steering column where they had broken it open with a screw driver. My neighbors banged on our door and woke us up. The police came and they never did catch the guy, but they sure dusted up the car real good. Another time someone broke into my husband’s truck and stole half a case of oil, only to ditch it on the side of the street about 2 blocks away because it was too heavy to keep carrying. Crooks really are stupid.

  4. says

    Whoops, totally forgot the rest of my entry…Before we were married and maintained separate residences, one night my now-husband’s house was broken into. Out of all the things that could have been stolen like expensive computer equipment, my husband and roommate only found three things missing. The thieves made off with my husband’s bike, a backpack, and a VCR. My husband and his roommate were glad that nothing else was missing and figured that the robbers put the VCR in the backpack before riding off into the sunset on the bike!

  5. says

    I totally missed this giveaway at BlogHer, so I would love to win one. I’ve been fairly fortunate about not losing things to burglary, though the one thing that I can remember being stolen was…believe it or not…the bell on my bike. I used to bicycle commute to my job in DC, and I always locked my bike to the rack. Well someone stole the bell I had on the handlebars, which I had used for alerting cars and pedestrians. What a silly thing to steal!

  6. says

    i felt pretty safe in my office until my workmate had her purse stolen from her desk. it’s a private medical clinic, but you never know if someone wanders back… it’s better to have things locked up…

  7. Tracy says

    Ok Amy, this involves you! hehehe On the way back from my dream day on the set of Rescue Me, we took our 2 subway lines to Long Island City to catch the train. We sat on the platform in the blazing sun for a freaking hour till a train came. Great, we get on the train. Then they say ‘oh we’re cleaning the train, we won’t be leaving for a little bit’. Ok, no problem, @ least we’re in air conditioning, out of the hot sun. So we’re sitting there for another 20 minutes, & ask how much longer, & they said another 15 minutes. So Maria & I get off the train to have a smoke(yeah, I know, I have to quit). Ok so far, except I realize I had put my ticket on the clip of the seat like a good girl, thinking we were leaving shortly. I run back onto the train, & it’s gone! The freaking train cleaner, who had already been through, came through AGAIN, & took my damn ticket! I asked the conductors about it, & they said sorry, it’s gone, it’s in the the trash, & the trash is gone. So after paying round fare from Merrick, transferring in Jamaica, 2 subway lines, & a 10 block walk to get to the set, & then doing it all again to go back, I had to buy a return train ticket! I was pissed, but it was still so worth it for that day! hehehe

  8. says

    I won a bike through a college raffle (value $750.00). I was so excited and I brought the bike to my college apartment. Two days later, my moving truck came to bring me back to Brooklyn because it was summer vacation. I had three friends help me move. One friend needed to leave early because she needed to take an exam that day. I offered to drive her because she was helping me out. I left the two guys with the keys to the moving truck. I was gone 20 minutes and in that time, they moved some of my things out to the truck. When I came in they said, “We have bad news. We moved your bike out into the truck and when we went inside someone took it before we came out.” So I won a great bike and took one ride on it before it was gone.

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