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Randomosity – sort of

I usually publish a collection of my random thoughts on Mondays, but I haven’t had time to collect them – my family has been out of town for the past five days and I’ve done almost nothing other than clean, organize, and put together giant pieces of IKEA furniture all by myself.  Oh, and I […]

Photoshop your way to perfection

I came across a site recently that shows just how easy it is to make a perfectly attractive girl look like what we’ve come to expect from a cover girl: perfect skin, big boobs, and great hair.  You go here and click on the magazine cover, and can see bit by bit how photoshopping transforms […]

This Week’s Time Sucker: Help a Drunk Walk it Off

This game, called Home Run, is deceptively simple: You help a drunk walk home by countering his movements.  If he leans right, you move your mouse left.  If he stumbles left, you move right.  But do it too fast, or don’t do it enough, and he falls down. Apparently, the record is something like 500 […]

Congratulations to our new baby stuff winner!

Our latest winner is Jamie, of Cool Crafty Mom.  She won three great gifts I picked up over the summer at BlogHer: a Medela bottle, a Mod Mum sling, and a Precious Moments footprint kit.  Enjoy, Jamie! Thanks to everyone who entered, and please stop back on Thursday at 9am for the next contest. Originally […]

Did you watch the Emmys?

I did, and for once I actually watched them the night they aired.  In past years I haven’t gotten around to watching them until I already knew who won everything, so it’s nice to be surprised this year!  Here are some highlights and lowlights. The opening was, well, painful.  The show was hosted this year […]


This is what’s been floating around in my head for the past week. I need to clear it out to make room for more. *** Last week’s best Fark headline regarding the country’s economic freak-out, after the government’s massive bailout plans were announced: Stocks climb on news that rich people are fine with socialism when […]

Product Review: McCain Smiles

I love potatoes, in just about every form.  I’m a vegetarian who loves accompanying my carnivorous husband to steak houses because I know I can get a giant, salt-encrusted baked potato, usually with a whole little buffet of things to put on it (cheese, sour cream, butter, scallions…).  The best wedding reception I ever went […]

Selfish Mom, Martha Stewart, and a whole mess of hot dogs

The other day I went to The Martha Stewart Show.  She was doing an entire show dedicated to blogging, and the audience was filled completely with bloggers, including yours truly.  And the guests were all bloggers.  I Twittered what was going on up until the point they made me turn my phone off: Getting ready […]

Arrrrrr! That be the voice of Dirty Anne Cash

OK, I don’t know what it is about pirates. Maybe it’s the SpongeBob connection. Maybe it’s Johnny Depp with dirty teeth and heavy eye make-up. Maybe it’s my innate desire to be free of responsibilities and showers. But pirates are fascinating. So I’m embarrassed that I was unaware that today is International Talk Like a […]

Product Giveaway: Stuff For A New Baby!

So have you had a baby recently, or do you know someone who has had a baby recently?  Babies need three things: food, love, and tchotchkes to pass down to their kids.  This giveaway has all three. First up is food, or rather, something to put the food in: a Medela breastmilk feeding and storage […]