Randomosity – sort of

I usually publish a collection of my random thoughts on Mondays, but I haven’t had time to collect them – my family has been out of town for the past five days and I’ve done almost nothing other than clean, organize, and put together giant pieces of IKEA furniture all by myself.  Oh, and I…

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Photoshop your way to perfection


I came across a site recently that shows just how easy it is to make a perfectly attractive girl look like what we’ve come to expect from a cover girl: perfect skin, big boobs, and great hair.  You go here and click on the magazine cover, and can see bit by bit how photoshopping transforms…

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Did you watch the Emmys?

I did, and for once I actually watched them the night they aired.  In past years I haven’t gotten around to watching them until I already knew who won everything, so it’s nice to be surprised this year!  Here are some highlights and lowlights. The opening was, well, painful.  The show was hosted this year…

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