Product Giveaway: Stuff For A New Baby!

So have you had a baby recently, or do you know someone who has had a baby recently?  Babies need three things: food, love, and tchotchkes to pass down to their kids.  This giveaway has all three.

First up is food, or rather, something to put the food in: a Medela breastmilk feeding and storage bottle.  I used a Medela pump with both of my kids, so that I could get away from them while still giving them the benefits of breastmilk.  This bottle from Medela can be used on its own, and it also fits all Medela pumps.  It’s BPA-free and has two different caps for travel and storage.

Next is love, and it’s a lot easier to love your baby if she’s comfy and not screaming, so we’re giving away a Mod Mum sling.  This stylish sling is a size XS, for women who wear a size A or B bra and weigh up to 130 pounds, and retails for $54.

Last, you need memories to pass down, or you’re just not doing your job.  This Precious Moments footprint kit contains everything you need to make a cute little impression of your baby’s foot.

To enter to win this three-pack of new-baby gifts, all you have to do is leave a comment saying how organized (or not) you are about the memories/keepsakes thing.  I’ll start: I really really want to be that mom who has stuff to pass down to her kids. And to look at wistfully from a rocking chair in my old age (OK, who am I kidding, I’ll bring it with me on the senior-swingers gambling cruise). Who has scrapbooks and albums and keepsakes and locks of hair and first teeth.  And I have all that stuff, in boxes.  I’m starting to think that it’s beyond the point now where I will ever get it together enough to show to someone.  But as long as I have the stuff, I have hope. And if I can’t get organized, I can at least help you get started.  Put the footprint on the wall!

Please, only one comment per person.  Winner will be chosen by Prize can be shipped only to the United States, Canada, or Mexico. The contest will end at noon (Eastern) on Tuesday, September 23th.

Good luck!

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  1. Nadia says

    so…i’m not organized at all…i do have everything…a lock of his hair from his first hair cut, lots of pictures, i even saved his belly button thingie when it fell off, ok, i know that’s kind of gross, but what can I say, i was a mother in love! =)…but, all the keepsakes, are just kind of everywhere, this kit would be awesome!

  2. says

    I’m somewhat organized, but not really. I wish I were with the memories. I do take a lot of pictures, and have many of them printed out and ready for a scrapbook. But, my son is almost two now, so I’m way behind and I don’t know when I’ll be able to start.

  3. Cara Robinson says

    Ok so I don’t have any children yet but can’t I start stocking up on this cool stuff now? Im bound to need it sooner or later!!

  4. Kristan says

    um, not really organized. i have everything in a box, and write down all their milestones in their feeding log (which i’ve kept for my twins since day 1)…1 day i’ll get it organized!

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