This is what’s been floating around in my head for the past week. I need to clear it out to make room for more.


Last week’s best Fark headline regarding the country’s economic freak-out, after the government’s massive bailout plans were announced:

Stocks climb on news that rich people are fine with socialism when the money is going to them


The other night, coming home on the subway, I saw a guy solving a Rubik’s Cube.  Repeatedly.  He would mess it up totally, then solve it again in about five minutes.  His fingers were flying, and he kept turning it rapidly to check out what was going on.  Once he didn’t even solve it for solid colors, he solved it with a pattern, same on all sides.  I have a hard time comprehending how minds like that work.

The next night, same time, same subway, I sat across from a guy who was practicing card tricks: one-handed shuffling, making the top card pop up off the deck, fanning, etc.  It was fascinating.  I was staring.  He was doing it without even realizing that he was doing it, I think, but I guess that’s how you get good, by doing it all the time.

So I’m wondering what’s next: will I see a juggler?  A sword swallower?  Will someone be setting up a trapeze in the station?


I don’t want to go into too many details, because I don’t mean any ill will toward anyone, but have you ever found yourself in a position where you accepted an opportunity, and then a much better one came along but you were already stuck with the first one?  That happened to me last week.  And if I had only accepted the first opportunity but not really gotten involved with it yet, I might have tried to back out.  And even if I had gotten involved already but it was with people that I would never see again, I might have tried to back out (sad but true). But it’s with people I will see all the time for as long as I live in Brooklyn, so there’s no way I could get out of it without looking like a complete asshole.  So, lesson learned about following my instincts.


I found this on Fark.com (yes, I spend way too much time on Fark): Earlier this month a man tried to pay for groceries at a North Carolina grocery store with a $200 bill, complete with a picture of George Bush on the front and a White House lawn full of lawn signs on the back (including one that says “We Like Ice Cream”).  The best part of the story is, the cashier accepted it, and gave him $50 change!  Go here to read the rest of the story.


This quote was on brownstoner.com last week, in a discussion about a house for sale:

In Wasilla, a comparable home would be more horizontally oriented, clad in aluminum, and perched on wheels and/or cinder blocks. But with the de rigeur meth lab, it would be a more profitable investment than this place.
— by SnarkSlope in House of the Day: 47 Sidney Place


The above comment thread on brownstoner led me to this site, the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator.  You put in your name, and it tells you what your name would be if Sarah Palin had your naming rights.  I’m “Chase Rooster Palin.”  Sounds about right.  I’ll fit right in with Track, Trig, Bristol, Willow, and Piper.


OK Comedy Central, I’m looking for some kind of pattern across your shows regarding what’s OK to say and what’s not.  Last week Jon Stewart, in anticipation of interviewing Tony Blair, made a joke about spotted dick (a very strange sounding British pudding).  When Stewart said “dick” in reference to the recipe, it went unbleeped.  But at the end of the bit, when he said “dick” in reference to his body part, it was bleeped out.  What gives?  And remember, this is from the network that aired a South Park episode where the characters say “shit” 168 times.  How do I know it was 168 times?  Because there was a little counter in the corner of the screen that kept track.  So how is it OK to say “shit” but only sometimes say “dick” on the same network?

Americans get hung up on all the wrong things, allowing bigger things to slide by unnoticed.  I went to a panel years ago about media and censorship, and one of the panelists was Aaron Sorkin, creator of West Wing.  He was talking about an episode where the president learns that nine soldiers have just been killed in an ambush.  Sorkin wrote him yelling “God Damn It!” but the network wouldn’t let him do it.  A network exec told him that he’d hear “fuck” on NBC before he would hear “God Damn.”  God damn it, that’s fucked up.


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  1. Tracy says

    Ok, first I have to say that I just finally noticed that on the right side of your page, where you have your tag lines, that Barf comes right after Barack Obama. Now I realize they’re in alphabetical order, but come on! That’s just not right. Quick, come up w/ something that can come between them, cause it really bothers me. You need something that starts w/ barb to bare. Ok, Barbara someone or barenaked, or something!
    My Sara Palin baby name is Bigger Channel Palin. Wth???? Guess that makes as much sense as her real kids names. My coworkers are Comma Liberty & Strangle Thicket. hee This is fun.
    As for the brownstoner posting, too funny. I loved someone’s comment there that they could see Russia from Brooklyn Heights. lololol
    The $200 bill is too funny for words. I’d like to be able to read all the lawn signs on the back of the bill. hehehe I’m guessing the cashier was fired for being so stupid.

  2. Tracy says

    lolol on Chick-Fil-A! That’s classic. I loved the other ones there too. Now I’m hungry for Chik-Fil-A though, damn you. But now I’m going to remember you every time I see 1 of their restaurants!
    My mother says salmon as it’s spelled – sal-mon. No matter how often we tell her, she still does it, & it makes me nuts. I also have a pet sitting client who was giving me her address & I couldn’t understand her street name. She had to spell it. I’m sure she thought I was an idiot, because it was Pecan Drive, but she was pronouncing it peecun, even though she’s not from the south, she’s from here in PA, not pecaan, like everyone else here does. lolol
    Cara, that’s a great one! I burst out laughing just reading it. Now I want to just make up silly names to see what it comes up w/.
    Amy, I too am amazed @ what’s ok to say on tv & what’s not. It seems it’s not just the context sometimes, it’s just willy nilly. Ass is fine sometimes, gets bleeped others, shit same thing. It’s like different censors are working or are asleep @ the wheel sometimes.

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