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My kids on “The Morning Show” – soooooo cute!

Our day started Thursday morning very early, since a car was picking us up at 6am to get us to The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet by 6:45.  (If you’d like to see the kids’ segment, go here.)  The kids got up much easier than I thought they would.  Pasta Boy Cloud Boy pretty […]

Product Giveaway: Blankyclip

I can’t tell you how often I’ve seen a product and said to myself, “It’s so simple!  It’s so perfect!  Why hasn’t this been around forever?”  That’s the reaction I had when I found out from a friend about blankyclips.  Invented by a mom when her oldest child was a baby and taking all of […]


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Cloud Boy and Spa Girl

Sounds like the title of a new cartoon, doesn’t it? OK, haven’t had a sec to stop and post yet, but just noticed that The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet has a video up already of the costume segment.  My kids are the second and third ones out.  All the kids did a fantastic […]

“My God, it’s early” edition

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I’m on the radio, and my kids are on TV!

I just finished taping an interview for Mom Talk Radio, which is hosted by Maria Bailey, one of those women I would love to hate if she just weren’t so nice.  She has four kids, and her own company, and her own radio show, and she’s an author, and she runs marathons!  I have a […]

This Week’s Time Sucker

OK, it’s because of crap like this that I do well in trivia games but suck at actual, you know, stuff.  (Well put, I know.) Useless Information Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Originally posted on Selfish Mom

Munchkin & Pasta Boy On TV

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And the Blackjack Winner Is…

And the winner is… Michael S! He was entry number 71.  Before you count down and say “Hey, wait a minute, I was #71!” read further to see why six entries were disqualified (nobody was trying anything funny, some just didn’t count). This was a hard contest for me to run, because people REALLY wanted […]

Best Obama Video EVAR!

Frequent reader/commenter Tracy brought this awesome video to my attention.  For the three of you out there who have not seen the original “Wassup” commercial, it’s posted first. Original “Wassup” commercial: “Wassup 2008″ What makes this video even more interesting is that Cindy McCain is heir to one of the largest distributors of Anheuser-Busch beer […]