This is what’s been floating around in my head for the past week. I need to clear it out to make room for more.


It’s supposed to be in the high 70s for the next few days, in NYC, in October.  This is crazy!


I’m so disgusted with John McCain at this point that I just can’t stand it.  I can remember, back in the primaries, when the field was narrowed to McCain, Clinton, and Obama.  And I said to a friend of mine, this is the first election ever where I would be happy with any of the contenders.  I mean, no question at that point I wanted Hillary or Barack to win, but McCain seemed different than the other Republicans.

So what the hell happened?  When did he decide to sell his soul and give up who he is in order to be president?  He used to have fans on both sides of the aisle.  He used to say things that made sense.  He used to seem in control of his thoughts.  Now he’s spouting talking points with the worst of them and making disastrous campaign moves.  If he can’t do the simple things well, like navigate talk shows and pick a running mate who would actually help him in the polls, how can he do the big things in office?

We are witness to the biggest economic collapse in history, and instead of talking about that, he thinks he can distract his way to a win, that talking about a guy Obama may or may not have been friends with in Chicago is at all relevant (as if every single politician didn’t have shady associations).  Thank goodness it doesn’t seem to be working.  But it just blows my mind that he thinks the voters are this stupid.

Then again, these are the same voters who elected Bush twice, so maybe his thinking isn’t so far fetched.


I was listening to The Michael Savage Show on the radio the other day (no, I’m not insane, I just like to check out what other people are listening to once in a while) and he played a clip of Michelle Obama saying something like “At least Barack knows what he doesn’t know.”  Meaning, to anyone with half a brain, that if he doesn’t know something he doesn’t pretend to know about it, he’s honest with himself that he doesn’t know it.  But Michael Savage went on a long rant about how if president, Obama will want to remain ignorant of things, that he would refuse to learn about things.  That he would actually prefer not to know things.

I’ve never met a fan of The Michael Savage Show, so perhaps you guys could help me out, if you know any: are they that stupid?  Are they that moronic that they believe this crap?  I’ve never really understood in the past why talk radio was so popular with the right but not with the left.  But I think I’m getting it.  Far righters seem way more willing to believe anything that radio hosts tell them.  I routinely check out The Radio Factor, and it doesn’t seem to matter what Bill O’Reilly says, how outrageous or unbelievable, his popularity just grows and grows.  When he has someone on his show who disagrees with him, he cuts the call off before they have a chance to seriously refute anything he’s said.  But the next day there he is, claiming that he listens to all sides, because just yesterday he had this person or that person on his show.

So I have to ask myself again, just how stupid are their fans?  There’s a lot of nonsense talk on both sides, that’s politics.  But conservatives really have cornered the market on letting other people think for them.


There’s a dead mouse in my kitchen right now.  I’m a complete baby about dead mice.  I will not scream if I see a live mouse, but dead mice completely skeeve me out.  We used to have a huge mouse problem, finding droppings and mouse hair on the counter every morning and killing at least a couple every week.  Now we only kill about one every two months.  But this one didn’t die in the trap behind the garbage can, which is where most of them go to the big cheese shop in the sky.  This one died in the trap next to the fridge, and it looks like it dragged the trap about a foot before dying, so it’s sitting in the middle of the kitchen, keeping me from getting a Diet Dr. Pepper or making the kids breakfast.  My husband’s still in the shower, and I’m not going in there until he takes care of it.

I can take care of most things around the house.  I’m way better with tools than my husband.  I routinely take out the garbage and recycling, shovel the snow, clean gross drains, and go out on the roof to clean the gutters.  But I can not get rid of dead mice.  If one ever dies when my husband is out of town, the entire trap will be going in a garbage bag, along with the two-foot-long BBQ tongs that I’ll have to use to do the job.


James Taylor was on The Colbert Report a couple of weeks ago, and Stephen Colbert asked him a few questions about his famous song, “Fire and Rain”.  The story that I had always heard about that song was that it was about his girlfriend, who had been flown in secretly to see him by his road crew while he was on tour, but her plane crashed.  So when Stephen asked him about using pyrotechnics and a rain machine while performing “Fire and Rain” I was thinking to myself, that’s really dickish, even for Stephen Colbert’s rather dickish character on that show.  Or perhaps he hadn’t done his research, which also seemed unlike him.

This really bothered me, thinking how horrible it must have been for James Taylor to face someone making a joke about the love of his life dying in a horrible accident.  So I guess it was my love for Mr. Colbert that caused me to finally do some research about the validity of the plane crash story.  Turns out it’s BS.  According to Snopes, different verses of the song are about different things, including a friend of Taylor’s committing suicide, his addiction to heroin, his recovery, and his band’s break-up.  But it’s certainly not the literal story about a broken airplane in pieces on the ground that has become legend.


I just finished a four-Saturday run of a children’s show that had, in it’s entire run, roughly the same number of paying customers as it did cast members.  Truly humiliating.


We went out to dinner last night to a diner in Queens, and the waitress was weird.  She was a great waitress in just about every respect but one: dealing with our children.  She was clearly fond of them, and she was very nice to them, but when it was time for dessert told my daughter that she had to take one more bite of her dinner before she could have her ice cream.  Umm…not your territory, lady!  I politely said “Thanks, but she’s done with her dinner.”  And she gave me a weird look, like I was letting my daughter get away with something sinister, as if she hadn’t yet crossed the imaginary threshhold of eaten food that existed in this woman’s head.


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  1. Cara Robinson says

    I’m sure you have seen it but I really liked when Colbert was on O’Reilly. He mad O’reilly look like an idiot….good times!!

  2. Tracy says

    I think McCain has gone off the deep end. I think his advisers know he can’t win on talking about the economy because people are so against Republicans, so they are resorting to spreading lies & their gatherings are turning into giant lynch mobs. It’s truly scary. Sarah Palin has turned out to be a big mistake for him, but he can’t turn back now. Some voters are that stupid – just watch their rallies. Frightening. The vicious lies they are spreading, & that people are BELIEVING like they are gospel are unbelievable.
    I don’t listen to talk radio, but the other day, when my car was in the shop (yet again!), I used my boss’s car to go to the bank & post office. He had talk radio on, & it was Rush Limbaugh. I’ve heard how right he is, but I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. That guy is truly nuts! And to think people actually believe the crap that he spews, I just can’t fathom it.
    Ok, so live mice ok, dead mice not ok. lolol I scream @ live mice, luckily don’t get them @ home, but if I did my cats would take care of them. Dead mice I feel sorry for.
    Thank God for snopes, huh? I just wish people would check snopes before they send all those stupid forwarded emails. I never heard the plane crash story, but that’s one of my favorite JT songs.

  3. Toni says

    I think you were talking to me when you said you’d be happy if either candidate won because I’ve wondered in the past few weeks if you possibly still felt that way, and how. :)

    It’s a harsh truth about McCain, but he hasn’t changed his positions on the issues. The things that make him an unappealing candidate for liberals now were true then. And once you start digging into the stories about him, you discover he’s always been rather a dick. I think it’s just that he was putting on a good show for awhile there, and now we’re seeing the real John McCain.

    My friend Steph said, maybe we should all just hold hands until the election because I’m so freaking nervous about this one, it sounds like a good idea. A small lead, Obama has, which is nice, but it’s not close to being over, and after living through the 2000 elections, I won’t take a relieved breath again until it’s done. And if it goes badly, Tom and I are thinking of moving to Belize and opening a spa. He’s a licensed massage therapist, and I figure I’ve had enough pedicures, I should be able to do one.

  4. says

    Yes, it was to you, at Olive Garden, right? And I think I said something like I would rather have someone as president with a good brain and good instincts even if I disagreed with him on some issues, rather than someone who is just unqualified in every way. But it turns out that McCain has neither a good brain nor good instincts!

    I didn’t mean that I wanted him to be president, I just meant (at the time) that he didn’t seem like a move-to-Belize-and-give-pedicures kind of guy. And of course now I completely admit that I was wrong. He’d be a terrible president. And just for the record, I think I could do a passable bikini wax at this point.

  5. Toni says

    The Belize plan gives me comfort. It’s got some holes in it, but it’s not bad for a safety net. And look, we’ve got massage, nails and waxing covered already. Can Omer cut hair?

  6. Tracy says

    lolol on Pasta Boy’s haircut. Were you there for it? hehehe Can you post a pic?
    Hey, did your article on Carson Kressley (sp?) appear on the Mom’s blog yet?
    I too am SO nervous about this election. I’m actually tense & jumpy all the time, I can’t stand it. I wish it would be over so I can @ least stop feeling so scared, & hopefully feel happy.
    The polls are one thing, but there’s the ‘Bradley Effect’, where people don’t want to appear racist to pollsters. But I’ve heard so many people that don’t like either candidate, I really don’t know what’s going to happen.

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