This is what’s been floating around in my head for the past week. I need to clear it out to make room for more.


I just saw a commercial on TV for K-Mart’s layaway program.  I didn’t know that layaway existed anymore.  That is truly a scary sign of the times.


There’s been a lot of talk lately about the Bradley Effect, the theory that some white people tell pollsters that they’re undecided or that they’re voting for a black candidate, when they actually plan to vote for the white candidate.  I don’t quite believe that this supposed phenomenon is real, but just in case, remember what David Allen Grier said: “Just vote for the white half.”

DAG said that on his new show Chocolate News, which is hilarious.  Kind of like The Colbert Report crossed with In Living Color and Chappelle’s Show.


Jim Cramer (the nutjob who hosts Mad Money on CNBC) was on The Colbert Report a couple weeks ago, after the Dow had dropped hundreds of points.  Stephen Colbert made a joke about Cramer liking roller coasters, and this is what Jim Cramer said:

Right, and when they- you go up, go down, hopefully you end up in the same place, sometimes you don’t.

Hmmm.  Ummm, correct me if I’m wrong, but if you get on a roller coaster, and you DON’T end up in the same place, didn’t the ride break?  I mean, either the ride ends up at the beginning and you get safely off, or something goes terribly wrong and it breaks.  The best case scenario is that there will be some sort of rescue (bailout) and you will end up safely on the ground after your adventure, hopefully not hurt.  The worst case scenario is that the car breaks free from the tracks, and you smash to the ground.  So either Jim Cramer was making a very bad analogy, or he’s pondering the possibility of a financial catastrophe the likes of which we’ve never seen.  Or, he’s just had really bad luck on roller coasters.


As a blogger I get lots of stuff, and since my blog has the word “mom” in the title I get lots of stuff for kids.  For some reason, I’m usually not given trucks or firemen, I’m given dolls and girlie toys.  For months my son has reacted with grace and patience every time I’ve come home from an event with something for his sister and not for him.  Sure, I could stop at the store and get him something, but life isn’t always fair and I’ve made it clear to both of them that these aren’t gifts from me, that they’re from companies trying to buy their love and my blog space.  So the other day, when I came home with a video game that he would absolutely love and his sister would have no interest in, I felt like I was evening things out.  Well, she threw a tantrum like I’ve never seen.  We had to leave the house an hour after it started, and she was still crying.  OK, so at least one of my kids gets it.


This is the earliest I’ve ever gotten the kids Halloween costumes, and we even got to put up some decorations.  But here’s the problem: the kids messed up the fake spiderwebs.  Our neighbor’s kids came over and “helped” too so it was a free-for-all of eight hands grabbing for the cotton-candy-like stuff and clumping it onto the stair railings.  It looks terrible!  I was soooo tempted to go out after they went to sleep and fix it.  I thought maybe I could fool them into thinking that they had done a better job than they actually had.  But in the end I decided to leave it and try to relax.  Next year, though, I’m going to hold a little seminar on how to string fake spiderwebs, and nobody gets to decorate until they pass.


I’ve gotten several emails from friends and family members in the past few weeks trying to persuade me to vote for McCain.  I haven’t answered any of them.  I’m not going to be able to convince them any more than they’re going to be able to convince me.  But all of the people who sent me these emails are intelligent people whom I respect very much, so it bothers me that we are on opposite ends of the political spectrum.  Arguments about whether Hillary or Barack should be the candidate were kind-of pointless, because they were very similar and even though I ended up 100% behind Obama, I understood why people would vote for Clinton.  But this is different.  I cannot fathom why in the world people I like would vote for any Republican at this point.  Are they seeing the same news I am?  Probably not.  I tend to watch shows and read websites that like Obama, and they probably watch shows and read websites that tend to like McCain.  It’s difficult to wade through the spin and the crap and get to cold hard facts sometimes, on both sides.

So here’s the conclusion that I’ve come to, the only way that I can wrap my head around it: Republicans vote with their emotions, and Democrats vote with their heads.  Now, before you write nasty comments, I am not saying that Republicans are stupid any more than I am saying that Democrats are unfeeling.  What I’m saying is the Republican strategists are geniuses at getting their constituents to vote based what they feel is right, not what will get results.

I don’t like a lot of the ideas being thrown around by Democrats right now.  But they tend to be based on what history and experts both say are likely to work to solve the problems we’re facing.  On the other hand, the Republicans aren’t throwing around too many ideas at all.  They’re spending their energy focusing on painting Obama as a bad person, someone who isn’t proud of his country, who wants to take your money and give it to somebody else.  They know at this point that they can’t win talking about issues, so they’re appealing to emotions, to subconscious, nagging feelings people have that Obama is too foreign, too exotic, too Socialist, too black, a well-educated wimp who is friends with bad people.  And my big fear is that people will fall for it.  That in the last moments they’ll let their emotions overpower their brains, and say “Hey, I may not like McCain much, but he’s white, he was a soldier, he’s more like me.”

Yesterday morning, on “Meet the Press”, General Colin Powell, Vietnam veteran, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, former National Security Adviser, former Secretary of State, and a Republican, endorsed Barack Obama.  He did it by appealing to both emotions and intelligence, without hysterics or insults or spin.  So, to the people who sent me emails, I read them.  And in exchange, I just want you to watch this video.  Seven minutes out of your lives.


Bill Maher speaking about ACORN allegedly registering dead people to vote: “And also, let’s be honest: dead people are overwhelmingly supportive of McCain.”


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  1. Deirdre says

    I thought Colin Powell did a great job yesterday
    we can’t talk politics when all my family is together – it gets ugly

  2. Tracy says

    Wow. Amy, thanks for posting that. I had heard about it of course, but hadn’t actually seen it. What an incredibly well spoken answer, to an obviously soul searching decision. He blew me away. He’s always impressed me, but he literally had me glued to the screen.

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