This is what’s been floating around in my head for the past week. I need to clear it out to make room for more.


While I was out at The Daily Show last week celebrating my birthday, some beautiful flowers arrived from 1-800-FLOWERS, sent by my Mom, sister Cara and her husband Kel, and sister Una and her wife Nana.  Aren’t they beautiful?


I sing in a choir on Sundays, and this is my seventh season with them.  Sometimes the service gets a little slow, what with all the announcements and such, and this week a new game was born: let’s see what we can text to Amy to get her to laugh during the service.  Unfortunately, I’m a pretty easy target.  Once I get into a giggly mood I have to think of really, really horrible things to stop.  It was awful, I was thinking of the most horrific things I could, and I still couldn’t keep a straight face.  If I believed in hell, I’m sure I’d be going there on an express train.


Thanks to my friend Dana, I’ve finally found an electoral map that I can understand.


From the NY Post:

All they need now is Simon.

Afghanistan has launched its own version of “American Idol,” a program called “Koran-Star,” which asks 250 contestants to read long passages from the Islamic holy book until one finalist stands alone.

The show is hugely popular, with the finals grabbing 80 percent of all viewers in its time slot.  The first winner, Uzra Mohamedi, 16, got $4,000, a vinyl sofa and a trip to Dubai.


I’ve finally gotten around to using my Facebook page.  I’ve had one for a while, but didn’t pay any attention to it.  Now that I’ve been posting on it I decided to use the friend finder, thinking that maybe a few people in my address book were on Facebook.  Actually, 289 of them are.  Man, do I have some catching up to do.


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  1. says

    Totally, they’re really beautiful, and they’re holding up really well! And I forgot to mention that they came in that pretty blue vase.

  2. Tracy says

    Gorgeous flowers. Great taste Amy’s family. Love the lily’s & sunflowers.
    As for the electoral map, I’m offended! I’m in PA, & I know my zip code, dammit! ;-) Really funny though.
    I friended you. Hope you’ll friend me. Great pic by the way!

  3. Toni says

    Nice flowers! I love love love getting flowers but seem to kill them on sight. I was given this gorgeous bouquet of autumn flowers last Wednesday, dutifully used the little packet of flower food, kept checking the water, and within a day they were wilting. And this has happened to me before. It’s like they hate me, the flowers.

    Love the map.

  4. Tracy says

    Toni, having a degree in Ornamental Horticulture( impressed, aren’t you ;-) ), I’ll say that first, the flowers could have been @ the florist’s for awhile, & so they might not have been fresh. Second, do you cut the stems when you get them? You should do that so they start sucking up water (technical term, hee) again. Third, not that it applies to this situation, replace the water every couple of days.
    There, that’s pretty much most of what I remember of 4 years of college, from 23 years ago!
    Amy, speaking of randomosity, I don’t remember ever seeing – did you get a camera for yourself @ the launch??????

  5. says

    Hi Amy!

    Just wanted to drop by and thank you for your support of our Real Women Respond to Palin Webathon.

    The power of this project lies in the community that surrounds it, and I am so grateful for your support!

    All my best!
    Kathryn Jones

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