I’m on the radio, and my kids are on TV!

I just finished taping an interview for Mom Talk Radio, which is hosted by Maria Bailey, one of those women I would love to hate if she just weren’t so nice.  She has four kids, and her own company, and her own radio show, and she’s an author, and she runs marathons!  I have a feeling that I got more winded typing that than she gets running.

Mom Talk Radio airs Thurdays at 11am on WJBW 1000m AM in South Florida, so if you happen to be reading this in South Florida, turn your radio on tomorrow!  For the rest of us, we can listen to Maria’s podcast, and I’ll post and Twitter when the podcast goes up (probably in a couple of weeks).

The airwaves are going to be full of me and my progeny tomorrow, because my kids are going to be modeling home-made Halloween costume ideas from Real Simple Magazine on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, a national morning show on Fox (at least it’s on Fox here in NYC; I don’t know about everywhere else, but you can check here).

I’m not sure what possessed me to say “yes” to getting up at 4:45am to get there in time, but it sounded like fun.  And who wouldn’t want their adorable kids to be on TV?  When I told Pasta Boy about it, he said “On TV?  Oh boy!  One of my goals was getting on TV before I’m a grown-up, and I’m going to do it when I’m seven!”  So I guess his excitement is reason enough.  Munchkin seems a little more laid back about the whole thing.  Not really sure she really understands what’s going on.

It should be somewhere between interesting and disastrous.  Between getting up super early, being in unfamiliar surroundings, being in front of an audience and cameras, Pasta Boy’s spastic unpredictability, and Munchkin’s legendary stubbornness and propensity for throwing morning tantrums, I’m curious to see how it all turns out.  The show airs here in NYC on Fox 5 from 9am to 10am.  I’m not sure where in the show the kids will be, but also slated for tomorrow is a doggie fashion show of Halloween costumes.  W.C. Fields once said, “Never work with children or animals.”  And this show is going to have both.

This is definitely ironic seeing as my last post for the NYC Moms Blog was about how I think there’s no shame in buying your kid’s costume at the store.  But from what I’ve heard, even I could make these last-minute costumes.

Anyway, wish us luck!  Or secretly wish us disaster if you’re that kind of person.  Either way, it will be live, and it will turn out how it turns out!

Originally posted on Selfish Mom


  1. Tracy says

    How cool for both things. I laughed out loud @ both their costumes in your video this am. lololol Partly cloudy w/ a chance of rain???? Genius!
    Set it up on my tivo online here from work, all set. Can’t wait to see it, & hope they do well.
    Also loved Jake’s reaction. I’m telling you, he’s a natural born star, just like his Mom.

  2. says

    I am so glad you don’t hate me because I really like you! Don’t you know I run marathons because it is the only way to get alone time? See I’m selfish too. You were great today! So very much fun to chat with you.

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