My kids on “The Morning Show” – soooooo cute!

Our day started Thursday morning very early, since a car was picking us up at 6am to get us to The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet by 6:45.  (If you’d like to see the kids’ segment, go here.)  The kids got up much easier than I thought they would.  Pasta Boy Cloud Boy pretty much jumped out of bed when his alarm rang at five.  Munchkin Spa Girl gave me a little more trouble at 5:30, but nothing like what I was expecting.  Since she was supposed to show up in her PJs, getting ready took her about two minutes.

Pasta Boy was hoping for a limo, but was not disappointed with the giant Chevy Suburban that showed up when he found out he would get the entire back seat to himself.

I’ve never really thought that the kids looked alike at all, they don’t even really look like siblings most of the time.  But in these two pictures, I don’t know, they both have the same smile and they look very much alike.

Traffic was very light and we got there a good 20 minutes before anybody else who was appearing on the show, which was nice because I had a chance to feed the kids some breakfast and settle in before everybody else got there.  Soon to arrive would be the crew, the on-air talent, and the multitude of guests (including 4 kids and 1 teen with parents, and a whole bunch of dogs with handlers), so this was the last calm time we had for hours.

When everybody else arrived, we were given our costume supplies and I started getting Spa Girl ready while a really nice intern from Real Simple got Cloud Boy ready.  This was all taped and was supposed to be a teaser for the show, but didn’t make it in – something about not wanting to reveal anything about the costumes.

After all of the kids were ready, they did a dress rehearsal.  Last night, Spa Girl had practiced holding slices of cucumber and putting them over her eyes.  This was traumatic for her for reasons I don’t understand – as far as I know she’s never had a run-in with a big cucumber in a dark alley.  But eventually she got over it and was ready to hold the cucumber slices.  However, right before the kids went on they were handed little trick-or-treat pails, and that was that – no cucumber slices.  I tried to get her to carry one in one hand – she was so cute putting them in front of her face! – but she flat-out refused.  I think in her head, she did the math and realized that if she were holding a trick-or-treat pail in one hand and a cucumber slice in the other, she wouldn’t have a hand left to get candy into the pail.  There was no changing her mind, and things were going so well I decided not to push it.

When Cloud Boy went out on the stage, he stood where he was supposed to stand and looked where he was supposed to look, but the expression on his face was miserable.  I think he was just concentrating so hard on going to the right spot that he forgot to smile.  And when Spa Girl got out there, she went to the right spot – and then stood there with her back to the camera.  So after the dress rehearsal I had a little talk with the kids, trying to let them know what they could have done better without making them self-conscious or nervous.  This was NOT easy.  The last thing I wanted to do was freak them out before the show.  Spa Girl was nervous already – she had been talking the whole day before about how she was too shy to go on TV.  And I gave her plenty of chances to back out, but she always said she wanted to do it.  So I had no idea if she was actually going to walk out there when it was her turn.

We went back to the greenroom.  We had an hour and a half until the kids were going on, the room was really crowded, and it dawned on me that I had completely forgotten to bring anything for the kids to do.  It was like I had never taken them anywhere before.  I always bring something, even if it’s just a deck of cards or some books.  But I had nothing for them.  I let Spa Girl watch SpongeBob on my phone, and the mother of the boy who was dressed as the highway let Cloud Boy play games on her phone for a while.  After she needed her phone back, all Cloud Boy wanted to do was go play with the dogs, but I wouldn’t let him.  All I could think of was his costume getting chewed or peed on before the show, so I made him sit on the couch almost the whole time.  I have to say, they both behaved way better than they had any reason to.  Cloud Boy was bored out of his mind, and all Spa Girl wanted to do was touch her face and scratch her head, but couldn’t because of the make-up and the towel.  Plus, if she so much as shrugged her shoulders she got green make-up all over her clothes.  There was a little whining, but all things considered they were excellent.

As it got closer to their time I made them both use the bathroom.  They always complain when I make them use the bathroom, but we have certain rules: you use the bathroom first thing when you wake up, before you leave the house, and before you go to bed.  Well, now we can add to that, before you go on TV.

Then I touched up Spa Girl’s make-up and got her robe back on, and put a few more cotton balls on Cloud Boy.  In retrospect, I think his costume needed some kind of headpiece, maybe a hat of cotton balls taped to some pipe cleaners or something.  Compared to the other costumes, his looked a little bare.

We were all brought backstage at the commercial break before their segment, and while they were waiting I gave them gentle reminders about smiling and where to stand and to not talk.  Cloud boy was fascinated with watching the monitors.  He kept switching between peeking out onto the stage and watching on the TV, amazed that he was seeing it from two different angles.

The bunch of grapes went out first, and then it was Cloud Boy’s turn.  He remembered to smile, although he looked, I don’t know, subdued.  But when the woman from Real Simple, Kit, made a comment about not spraying other trick-or-treaters with his water gun, he pointed it right at her face and got a big laugh.  Then he walked over to the giant cauldron of candy and toys they had set up on the stage – smart move on their part.

Then it was Spa Girl’s turn.  During the dress rehearsal there hadn’t really been anybody out there, and now there was an audience, a crew, and three hosts, so she looked a little overwhelmed.  But it didn’t matter because the audience absolutely adored her.  And when her turn was over, Cloud Boy very nicely showed her where the candy was.

After the kids’ segment was done, we all went back to the green room, and the cauldron of candy went too, and the kids immediately swarmed it.  Good thing too, because it delayed me getting the kids’ costumes off.

I had taken off Spa Girl’s robe and towel and was just about to take off her make-up when someone came back in saying that they decided they wanted the kids out there again, for the end of the show.  Bunch of Grapes had already taken off her balloons, and Highway Boy had already taken off his cars.  I threw the robe back on Spa Girl and someone else put the sleep mask on her head and we all ran back to the stage.  I ducked under a camera and off of the stage with about two seconds to spare.

The kids all stood around the hosts and the dogs while things were wrapped up.  I’ll try to post that clip tomorrow.  Cloud Boy keeps leaning back into the camera’s view to pet the dog that co-host Juliette was holding.  Then the show ended and as we were all walking back to the green room, the biggest dog peed all over the floor and the bottom of a big camera.

Finally, with the show over, Cloud Boy got to play with the dogs.

I took Spa Girl’s make-up off but didn’t bother changing them out of anything else.  New guests had arrived to tape some other stuff and we were in the way, so we got out of there.  The kids got to keep their costume pieces and trick-or-treat pails, and the ride home at 10:30 was full of chocolate.  I was too tired to care.

I really hope that Cloud Boy didn’t notice how many different people said that Spa Girl was their favorite.  He seems over the moon about the whole thing so if he did notice, he doesn’t care.  After we stopped home to change and rushed to school, Cloud Boy told every single person we saw that he had been on TV.  He kept asking me if we could do it again tomorrow, and when I made it clear that something like that probably wouldn’t happen for a long time, he kept asking about different shows and how to get on them.  Oh boy.

All in all, a really interesting morning.  Everyone at the show was very nice, and I liked watching the chaos from my chair in the corner.  I’m the kind of person who stays up all night preparing for things and worrying about them, so I’m always amazed watching people do things on the fly with minutes to spare.  But they do it every day, so it’s just routine to them.  Crazy.  I couldn’t have a job like that, I’d have a little heart attack every morning.

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  1. Cara says

    I guess when they are tired they look more alike!! So adorable….I do think Jake with be in showbiz but I think he will do some kind of dancing!!

  2. Tracy says

    What a great report, & great pics. Whoever posted on the post w/ the video clip was right, you & Omer produce beautiful kids.
    Jake is obviously such a ham, he will definitely be in showbiz. He’s a natural, just like you. Fiona seems so sweet, she’s adorable. You have 2 great kids.
    They did a great job.

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