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This is what’s been floating around in my head for the past week. I need to clear it out to make room for more.


This Fark headline from last week is in honor of my relatives in San Francisco, including my not-yet-living-in-San-Francisco mom:

Crime spree in SF-area cemetery – thousands dead.


Ode to a Butter Bell:

I don’t know why every home in America doesn’t have one of these.  I hate trying to put cold, hard butter on toast or English Muffins, and when I make grilled cheese I need soft butter to spread on the bread.  I don’t remember exactly when I discovered these, I think it was in college.  I saw them in a catalog, and didn’t really believe that they would work, but I bought one and have been using it for about 15 years, the same one.

You put softened butter (it fits one whole stick) in the top part, put cold water in the bottom part, and turn the butter over onto the water.  It forms a seal and keeps the butter from spoiling.  Supposedly it will keep butter fresh for 30 days with no refrigeration, but a stick of butter has never lasted a month in my house so I’ve never been able to test that out.  I do routinely use the same stick for a couple of weeks though.  I change the water every other day or so, except in very hot weather when I usually change it every day and sometimes even toss an ice cube in there (our current kitchen doesn’t have AC and gets beastly hot).

It works great!  I hate staying with other people who don’t have soft butter.  I’ve given these as gifts over the years – friends don’t let friends have hard butter.

While we’re on the subject of, I don’t know what to call it, things to hold things you spread on bagels and toast maybe?  Here’s what I’ve been putting my cream cheese in since college.  It keeps it from getting those crusty bits it gets if you leave it in the wrapper.  My husband made fun of this one for years but I think he’s finally come to accept the fact that it’s better this way.


I recently introduced Munchkin to Ramen Noodles, and she’s addicted.  She wants it day and night, for every meal.  She’ll survive well when she goes off to college.  Pasta Boy, who hates trying new things, finally tasted some after watching Munchkin eat it for a week, and now he loves it too.  I may never have to spend more than five minutes making dinner again.


I don’t watch all that many commercials.  I’m usually fast forwarding through them.  But I spotted this one a few months ago even on fast forward.  And every time I see it I have to stop and watch it.


Hopefully by tomorrow night the enemies of science, education, and thoughtfulness will be going to sleep knowing that they lost a big election, and deservedly so.  But here’s one more reason in a pile of reasons not to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket.  Sarah Palin’s War On Science.

I remember the last two presidential elections, sitting on my couch in disbelief as the realization came over me that the Republicans had won, despite so much evidence that they simply did not have the best candidate for the job.  George W. Bush scares me, but in a head-shaking, what a moron way.  McCain and Palin scare me in a very different way.  Where W.’s biggest failing was his willingness to give himself over to whatever those pulling the puppet strings wanted him to do, it’s Sarah Palin’s own ideas that terrify me.  With no help from anyone, her ideas are so obnoxious, so uninformed, and so backwards, that I literally shudder to think what she would do with real power if she got a hold of it.  I rolled my eyes when friends threatened to move to Canada if Bush won (it’s worth noting that they’re all still here).  But with the probability that the next president will appoint more than one Supreme Court Justice, the possibility of a McCain/Palin win keeps me up at night.  Not to make light of past elections, but this one is no joke.  This is going to shape things for decades to come.

Here’s a report card from a group of economists.  It’s not even close.  McCain as president would be bad for women.  I think it would also be bad for men, children, fish, the air, bicycles, the economy, and my marriage (my husband would be near suicidal), but it would be especially bad for women.

One more day…



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  1. Toni says

    Agreed – I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t use a butter bell. Though I’m now feeling mildly gross because I never thought of changing the water.

  2. says

    I can attest to the genius of the butter bell because after discovering one in Amy’s kitchen I whined until she got me one. I have forgotten about it once or twice though and made – well, something that isn’t butter.

  3. Tracy says

    About the election, I’ve actually been kind of sick to my stomach all day. I’m so nervous, I can’t imagine how bad I’ll be tomorrow. I can’t handle the thought of McCain/Palin winning.
    The 75 year old Republican receptionist here @ work, who’s been driving me totally insane w/ her recitations of all the crap that the McCain camp has spewed said the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard her say today. She said if Obama wins tomorrow, it’ll be the last time the USA ever has elections, because we’ll be a socialist country. ARGH! I want to kill her.

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