Mike Huckabee: thoughtful, well-spoken, and wrong

When listening to the debate back and forth about gay marriage, it’s easy to take cheap shots at the homophobe with three teeth who’s afraid to catch “teh gay.” It’s easy to dismiss those types and assume that anyone who is fervently anti-gay marriage is dumb, or a religious nut, or crazy. Rarely do you see two people sit down and debate the issue intelligently, without yelling, without hysterics, without name calling, without needing a referee.

But last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart and Mike Huckabee did just that. Mike Huckabee is not stupid. He is definitely religious, but since I have a lot of religious friends who are way smarter than me, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a nut (although a lot of evidence points that way). Two intelligent, successful, well-spoken people had a debate about gay marriage.

Jon Stewart still wiped the floor with Governor Huckabee, though. When you play your A game and still lose, it’s time to get out of the game.

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  1. says

    Mike Huckabee is not a nut. This lady is a nut. The difference between the two is obvious. You can sit down with Mike Huckabee and come to a respectful disagreement. This lady, on the other hand, will threaten to call the cops on you if you disagree with her.

  2. Tracy says

    Christopher, wanted to be sure you didn’t think Amy was saying Mike Huckabee was a nut. She was not.
    That lady IS a certified nut! WOW! What was the ‘Mexican’ boy doing to harass her? Scary.
    Amy, I agree, it was an intelligent, calm discussion, but Jon did wipe the floor w/ him. Of course there’s no way that Mr Huckabee will ever be swayed, nor will any conservative Christians, (sorry if I seem to be broad stroking, but I am very good friends w/ very many, & we have had this discussion many many times), but Jon was right on the money about every thing. I thought it was 1 of his best guest discussions ever. I was extremely impressed by the whole discussion.

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