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Product Review: Sedu Revolution Styling Iron

I’m really not sure what possessed me to review the Sedu Revolution Styling Iron in winter.  It didn’t even occur to me that I wouldn’t want to use it, since my hair spends a good four months under a warm hat.  I usually avoid fixing my hair whenever possible, because it’s a long process – […]

OK, the crazy octuplet lady really is crazy

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Today I was the mom I hate

I took the kids to CVS with me today.  I’m not sure what possessed me.  I actually like grocery shopping with the kids, but only because we don’t do it that often.  I take them maybe once a month, probably less.  Jake always wants to push the cart, and Fiona always wants to ride in […]

Congratulations to our Huggable Hangers winner!

Congratulations to emmedix, who won 50 Huggable Hangers, courtesy of the hanger’s inventor, Joy Mangano!  You all know about my undying love for these hangers, so if you didn’t win, go over to HSN and buy some! Thanks again to Joy Mangano for this great giveaway. Originally posted on Selfish Mom

Well, I guess I know who loves me more!

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Free stuff? Could it be true?

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This Week’s Time Suckers: cute cute!

Until yesterday, I had never been to any site that exists solely for rating pictures.  I know lots of people who go to sites rating how hot people are and other variations, but I’d never had any interest.  Then I happened upon these two sites: Rate My Kitten Rate My Puppy This is how I […]

Challenges and Tragedies

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More Huggable Hangers!

This is our third Huggable Hangers giveaway here at Selfish Mom, and we keep doing them because you guys love them so much!  So do I.  Last time I did a Huggable Hangers giveaway I received some as well, and made over my own closet.  It went from this: To this: Believe it or not, […]

Eight is definitely enough

UPDATE: Here’s a link to the story I saw. Octuplets Born “Screaming and Kicking” in Calif. Originally posted on Selfish Mom