The car is coming at 6:15 – will I be packed?

It’s a story as old as time. About a week before a trip, I remind myself that the last time I took a trip I was up all night packing. I tell myself that it’s never too early to get all of my laundry done and collect my make-up from the corners of the house it all disappears to. I decide to pack up my paperwork and ID and other important stuff because I won’t need it until the trip, so why not take care of it now?

And then I don’t do any of it. Until the day before. That was today. I spent the day doing laundry and trying to find things I know I have somewhere.  I know I have a cool little waterproof thing I picked up the last time I was in the Caribbean that goes around my neck and holds my valuables while I’m swimming at the beach.  And the great flip flops I picked up with the silver trim.  And the little can of Static Guard so I don’t have to pack the big can.  And the…and the…and the…

With all I had to do today, I also had to slip out for 90 minutes to get another wax.  It was the second time in six days I got a wax.  Why?  Because I’m a hairy beast, that’s why.  And even after two waxes I will still have to shave.  But without the waxes, I would have thick stubble within hours and my skin would be so irritated I wouldn’t be able to shave at all the second day.  It’s rather pathetic.  I’m half Irish and half Sicilian.  Guess which half I got my leg hair from?

To add to the drama, my son gave my daughter a black eye this evening, right around the time we were all supposed to be leaving for a PTA meeting.  They were wrestling and messing around, and they play rough.  He really didn’t do anything worse than usual, it just happened to land in a tender spot that bruises easily.  He gave her an elbow to the eye, and she’s got a shiner.  We’ve warned Fiona that if she’s going to get into wrestling matches with her brother, she’s going to get hurt.  And we’ve warned Jake that even though she’s a willing participant, he’s way bigger and stronger and has to control his body or he’ll really hurt her.  And now it’s happened.

At first the story from both of them was that she was tickling him and he asked her to stop and she wouldn’t, so he elbowed her in the eye.  I called my husband for a consult and we agreed on taking away TV, computer and video games from my son for two weeks.  I put them both to bed early and left in a huff when my husband got home, an hour late for the meeting.  I completely forgot that I’d be leaving in the morning before they were to wake up, and had just missed my chance to say goodbye for four days.  My daughter won’t notice.  When we’re apart it barely registers with her.  I take this as a compliment, as a sign that I’m raising a strong, independant daughter.

But my son, that’s a different story.  For a week he’s been tearing up every time I mention the trip.  I just got home from the PTA meeting a little while ago, and I woke him up to say goodbye.  I’m glad I did.  We talked for about ten minutes.

My husband just told me that the black eye story has now changed: the kids both now claim that they were wrestling, Jake fell off of the couch and his elbow hit her eye on the way down.  He’s lobbying for a reduction of the punishment.  I can’t get a read on whether or not that might be true.  She adores him, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he talked her into that story.

And last, the realization is now hitting me that I will be almost completely without internet access for the next four days.  I’ve never been addicted to heroin, but I suspect the withdrawal symptoms are similar.  I’ll let you know.  The Disney Cruise Line people have been nice enough to provide me with 100 free minutes of internet access, but honestly, I use that much before breakfast.  And I’m way too cheap to pay for it.  (The last cruise we took, we got a free upgrade to one of the six biggest cabins on the ship, which included free unlimited internet access – and I didn’t have any blogs back then!)  I’m hoping to convince them that it will be in their best interest, since they’ve invited bloggers on this cruise, to give them unlimited access to their blogs.  Just a suggestion.

So, instead of packing, here I sit, watching Keith Olbermann and taking care of online stuff.  I hate packing, because it always brings into focus how terrible my wardrobe is and how bad I am at shopping for clothes.  Oh well, no sense delaying it any longer.

Off to pack!

Oh, and one more thing: The Disney Wonder, the ship I’ll be on tomorrow, was just rated as the top large ship in Conde Nast Traveler’s annual cruise ship ratings.

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