More Huggable Hangers!

This is our third Huggable Hangers giveaway here at Selfish Mom, and we keep doing them because you guys love them so much!  So do I.  Last time I did a Huggable Hangers giveaway I received some as well, and made over my own closet.  It went from this:


To this:


Believe it or not, the Huggable Hangers part of the closet still looks great.  The rest could use some work, but the clothes are hanging neatly, leaving more room for the folded stuff, which has also stayed perfectly neat.  The hanging clothes stay on without clothespins or clips because of the material covering the hangers, and the gently sloping shape doesn’t leave shoulder marks.  I really really love these hangers!

This time, I was sent 30 of the kids size hangers to try, and boy were they needed!  Both kids are sharing a closet right now due to our never-ending renovation, so you’d think that it would be crowded, right?  Wrong!  We tried hanging some of the kids’ stuff up in the beginning, on little kid-sized plastic hangers.  But the clothes slipped off onto the floor, especially the dresses, and gradually we just stopped using the closet.  The only items hanging in the closet were old coats and Jake’s shower towel.  Everything was stuffed into drawers, getting wrinkled.  No matter how many times I fold everything and organize it, there’s no way a four-year-old can find things without messing everything up again.  At least not my four-year-old.


Getting these kids-sized Huggable Hangers was the perfect excuse to clean up the giant jumble of Fiona’s clothes.  January is National Get Organized Month, so I got to work.  I took everything out of the three drawers, and discovered a lot of 2T and 3T clothes, even though her 4Ts are getting tight!  So those went into the bag that will someday be sold, given away, or traded.  Did I say bag?  I have about seven of them.  Someday.

I put all of the dresses and pants and nicer shirts on the hangers, and the closet looks fantastic.  When I showed Fiona she squealed with joy and said it looked pretty!  She loves that she can see where everything is.



Another great item form Joy Mangano and Huggable Hangers!  And in honor of National Clean-Up Month, Joy Mangano has provided us with another 50 full-sized Huggable Hangers to give away!  To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment.  Tell me what the most disastrous area of your house is, the room where you have to put on a hazmat suit just to open the door.  And if you don’t have a place in your house like that, what’s that like? What’s your secret?

Entries must be received by noon eastern on Friday, January 30th.  Only one entry please (sorry, no more daily entries, they’ll be deleted).

You can get one additional entry by twittering about the contest with a link back to this page.  Leave a separate comment with your twitter name.

One winner will be chosen by  Please go here to see full giveaway rules.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Contest over!  I’ll pick the winner as soon as I get a chance.

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  1. says

    Today I don’t need a Hazmat suit, because the cleaners were here on Friday. Yes! I love them! But our closet, oh, I can’t get a handle on it. Since we moved, it’s a disaster. It’s a weird, triangular shaped closet, walk-in, but a triangle? It has one wall for regular full-length hanging, and one wall of two shorter length hanging rods. Both of them are two short for anything, except my husband’s T-shirts! So, one whole wall has four T-shirts on it and the other wall has everything else jammed in! And of course, it only has those two walls, being a triangle! Who designs this stuff, anyway? It could only have been a man! (Sorry, guys.)

  2. says

    The laundry room, definitely the laundry room (ok it’s more like a laundry closet, but I like to be grandiose). Piles of laundry waiting to be folded…. my kids know now to go straight to this laundry mess instead of to their closet for clothes to wear.

  3. emmedix says

    I think my bedroom closest is the worst. This house doesn’t have doors on any of the closets, so it’s all right out there in the open.

  4. says

    We have a closet in the basement where we keep the Christmas tree, the decorations, old coats, and a whole bunch of other stuff, most of which has gone unidentified since we moved in 2007. It’s in dire need of a clean out, which I thought would get done over the holidays while we had all the Christmas stuff out, but… Looks like cleanout will happen next Christmas! Thanks for the giveaway, I love these hangers.

  5. Belinda P says

    We have a back room that’s going to be our office one day. We moved here about 5 months ago and it’s still full of boxes and other unknown things. Looks like I will be donating a bunch of stuff if I ever want to get it cleaned. I would love to win some of these cool hangers. Thanks Amy!

  6. Jen says

    Aside from the basement, which is its own dreadful disaster. Where do I begin? Well let’s see, the front porch room, and the “office” are stys. We can barely step foot in either spot. This could really change daily depending on where the kids and husband throw thier crap.

  7. Cara says

    Funny I had one of those situations this morning were things just kept falling of the hangers. I would hang one shirt up and another one would fall down….frustrating!!

  8. Dail says

    The worst room in the house has got to be my little boy’s room. We have had so many clothes donated from relatives and friends and we are trying to store outgrown clothes for a little brother someday. So, we have clothes everywhere!

  9. alice mazorra says

    My closet looks like the back end of a garbage truck compactor. I cant close the door. Trapped clothing is trying to escape at the seams. And the worst description: my seven year old told me I am messy.

  10. feener44 says

    ahhh, need these. we have one closet for both hubby and i, and it is a nightmare, i have resorted to using the chaise lounge as my closet, sad sad sad, he has clothes on the closet floor, hangers come flying out. honestly is is the pits. help me

  11. LESLIE M. says

    This would be awesome! Due to the lack of space i have , this would definetly help out to give alittle more room.

  12. says

    I just moved and would love to get my new closet more organized. Now there are still things lying on the floor. Worst room is the office/playroom combo. I anticipated all sorts of disaster for there, but hey, it’s not my room. If you could get in there a hazmat suit would be useful. Half toys/half my husband’s office stuff, lots of unpacked boxes.

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