Today I was the mom I hate

I took the kids to CVS with me today.  I’m not sure what possessed me.  I actually like grocery shopping with the kids, but only because we don’t do it that often.  I take them maybe once a month, probably less.  Jake always wants to push the cart, and Fiona always wants to ride in the cart.  They get to help and it’s fun.

I could have gone to CVS without the kids, while they were in school today.  But I had printed out a great picture shopping list from the CVS site, and had coupons, and figured I could put one kid in charge of the list and one in charge of the coupons.  I believe in God today only because I think he was chuckling as I made these plans.

They both spent the entire time driving me crazy.  You know that annoying mom you see in stores who just spends the whole time grabbing her kids by the arm and yelling in a whisper?  That was me.  Jake knows exactly how to get under my skin without breaking any of our “big rules”, the ones that get an automatic punishment.

And Fiona? She was out of control.  She told me on the way to the store that she wanted to buy something with her allowance money, and I said fine.  She found what she wanted in the first aisle (Dr. Pepper lip gloss) and then spent the rest of the trip bugging me to buy her something.  Honestly, after about ten minutes I should have just pulled them out of the store and taken them home.  But I didn’t, and instead annoyed everyone around us for the forrty-five minutes we were there.

Let me give you an example of any random minute of the CVS trip:

Me: Jake, don’t do wheelies with the cart.

Fiona: Can you buy me this?

Me: Jake, I asked you not to do wheelies with the cart.

Fiona: Can you buy me this?

Me: Jake, if you do a wheelie with the cart one more time, you can’t push it anymore.

Fiona: Can you buy me this?

Me: OK Jake, give me the cart.

Fiona: Can you buy me this?

Me: Jake, don’t stand on the end of the cart.

I don’t give empty threats, my kids both know that.   So every time I threatened Jake with a punishment, he found some other way to annoy me.  Finally, I pulled him into a corner and told him that if he did anything to annoy me, he would get a punishment.  His response?  “How will I know what will annoy you?”  To which I yelled “Everything you’re doing is annoying me!  Don’t do ANYTHING!”

We got in the car ($18 in CVS Extra Care bucks in hand!) and I gave them a half-yell half-lecture about what I expect from them when we go to a store.  Then we started driving, and within about 3 minutes, they were both asleep!  They were exhausted!  I didn’t even see it.  But of course that’s what it was.  They stayed up extra late last night because of their school skating party, and even though I let them sleep in this morning they were still in a major sleep deficit.

I am so dumb sometimes.  If I had them out at 10pm I wouldn’t expect them to behave, and basically this was the same thing.

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  1. Cara says

    I hate to admit it but I get great enjoyment hearing about this kind of thing!! If your not the mom it just sounds hilarious….sorry!!

  2. says

    Ha ha ha ha ha! Can’t wait until it’s you! Although, your stories will be about how your child was carried away by an infertile mermaid.

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