1. Jen says

    Was it you that said you need a liscense for everything but anyone can have a baby? As a teacher, I often find that to be the case. I feel bad for these children.

  2. Lisa says

    The story of the mom with octuplets (and in total fourteen children age 7 and under) is disturbing on so many levels. I am outraged that society has to foot the bill for her ignorance… Yes, I know in the end that my hard-working tax dollars will support her psychotic obsession to have a litter of children. This woman is merely a baby making machine that is dispensing them like pez candy. I stated in a previous blog that this woman needs psychiatric help and her children taken away… If she cannot take care of her first six children independently, than how is she going to take care of fourteen? It is no mystery that she wanted additional children as a surrogate to help with the expenses of her first six children. I pitty the fools that give Nadya’s family handouts. This woman does not deserve a single handout or government ration. On the same hand, these children should not have to suffer for their mothers obsession…who wins?
    It would be wise for CSD and social services to intervene…even if that means that the children are taken away. This is a case of bad parenting. Obviously, the mother has not considered the children’s social, mental, and physical well-being as they mature. Furthermore, if this woman was financially stable, than why is she cramming 6 children into her parents three-bedroom house? What will happen when fourteen children are forced into a small living space? A sign of stability does not include sending the twins biological father to Iraq as a contractor on unpredictable and temporary employment. She needs to support ALL of her children without state assistance even if that means that she works one-hundred hours a week outside the home.

  3. Lisa says

    This situation is disheartening especially for women (such as I) who cannot have children. I am not bitter over her “good fortune” to have children. I imply with a bit of sarcasm because she will pocket a portion of my hard-working tax dollars. Parents like this should have to undergo rigorous evaluations, testing, and licensing prior to creating a family. This outcome never would have happened if the State of California would have intervened.

  4. Lisa says

    I am continueing on my rant about the previous births of the octuplet babies… Pretend that you are blind or crazy (like Nayda) if you do not care to read.
    It will cost an average of $400.000 to raise each baby into adulthood. In total, the expense to raise fourteen children will soar above $5.6 MILLION. I just read today that the same father was the sperm donor for all fourteen children. What kind of crazy man volunteers his tadpoles to an unstable woman? The biological father obviously is not a millionare or this story would have been yesterdays news. However, it takes more than financial freedom to raise children (any sane parent knows that…) I can predict in the future that these children will be neglected by an impatient mother who grows tired of bouncing from child to child. Not to mention, who has the time and patients to cook, clean, and care for fourteen children 24 hours a day? I operated a level III care facility for 10 years and six-eight residents was the maximum limit. Although I loved my previous profession, it was a difficult (yet rewarding) job. I watched the childrens living conditions on the news and quite frankly I am appalled. Someone please step in and rescue these children but do not give this mother the monetary gain that she feels entitled to. Just take the children away!

  5. Lisa says

    In 1999, Suleman pocketed $165.00 as a workman’s comp claim against her employer for a “bad back.” Apparently, her back was irrepairable from ruptured disks and a spinal injury related to her profession… A few years later (continueing to collect Uncle Sam’s money) she decided to start her family giving birth to six children on a bad back. To this day, Suleman continues to bleed the system and manage her employement through welfare. At this point I feel that this woman is a phony and a liar and she should have an investigation against her for insurance fraud. “Excuse Me!” If a persons back is permanently injured, why would they give birth to 14 children and carry them in their womb on a bad back? Although I am one-hundred percent for keeping a family together, in this case, I still feel that it is best to take the children away. Her logic for having children is disturbing and this woman needs psychiatric help.

  6. Lisa says

    Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion on your blog. Some of my words are harsh and I do not expect America to agree with me. I pray that CSD and her case manager take immediate action to save the children…

  7. says

    @Lisa – No problem, there’s room on my soapbox. I’m not sure if I feel quite as strongly about it as you do, but I think the insurance/disability/unemployment angle is pretty bad. There are plenty of people who need those payments, and this sounds like those people who collect for years for an injury and then are caught skiing in Aspen.

    But, the fact that the grandfather is willing to go back to Iraq to work to pay for all of the kids says something. Unless there’s actually evidence of neglect I think social services should stay out of it. It actually is making me think of the parallel between this and the Michael Phelps case. A picture of some random kid getting high would get little attention. But because he’s Michael Phelps he’s in a world of shit. Same with this woman. Everything she does will be scrutinized in a way that another mom wouldn’t have to put up with.

  8. Lisa says

    The Suleman family living conditions have finally been released to Actually, this is the best upkeep that the children have been living in for awhile. I applaud Angela for finally displaying the deplorable living conditions and I am outraged the Nayda blames her mother for their environment. Nayda has never been a responsible parent and she has always placed the blame on others. As a neighbor, I stand by my word that CDS needs to take ALL of the children away.

    Amy, there has been evidence of neglect for a few years. When I found out a year ago that 6 children and 3 adults were living in a small three-bedroom house, I notified CSD and the authorities but nothing was remedied. The pictures on displays a cleaner/healthier home than when I was there. My one and only visit, I witnessed unkept children and a filthy home…worse then the current pictures. I pray now that something will be done to save the children.

  9. says

    @Lisa – Hey Lisa, if you check out today’s video and the post that I wrote today on the NYC Moms Blog, you’ll see that my thinking has gradually evolved to the point where I think she’s nuts and shouldn’t have had the kids. You’ve obviously had more time to sit with this than I have, and the rest of the world took a little longer to learn the details.

    But I’m alarmed that you would alert the authorities because 6 kids and 3 adults were living in a small 3 bedroom house. Perhaps you knew more at that point than just that fact, but if that’s all you knew…then I think you overreacted. Here in NYC I know plenty of people who live in cramped conditions – two adults and one kid in a studio, two adults and two kids in a one-bedroom, etc. Hell, add a small maids room, and those three adults and six kids could have been The Brady Bunch, space-wise anyway.

    But if you look at the more recent posts you’ll see that I’m right there with you thinking that she’s crazy. Still, the insane amount of media attention will probably act as a deterrent to bad conditions and abuse – she knows she’s being watched.

  10. Lisa says

    I should reiterate that CSD and the police were notified pertaining to the children’s living conditions and not the square footage of the home. I am a firm believer that it is not the house that makes the home. I do not think that the community would have had major issues with her parenting skills if the children’s activities of daily living were being met. When you walk by the home, you can smell the stench of an unkept home and this situation remained the same even prior to Nayda giving birth to the octuplets. I am relieved that Nayda’s parenting skills and the children’s welfare will be reviewed because she has a definite lack of motivation to become a good parent. I state that the children should be taken away because of the living conditions, neglectful parenting style, and the mother solely wants monetary gain over the love and nurturing of her children.
    Thank you for the information and I will read the NYC Moms Blog and watch today’s video.

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