Product Review: Sedu Revolution Styling Iron

seduI’m really not sure what possessed me to review the Sedu Revolution Styling Iron in winter.  It didn’t even occur to me that I wouldn’t want to use it, since my hair spends a good four months under a warm hat.  I usually avoid fixing my hair whenever possible, because it’s a long process – I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have crappy, hard to manage hair, and I only put in the effort on special occasions.  So I’ve had this thing for at least a couple of months and am just getting around to reviewing it.  But better late than never, because it works really well, even on my thick, difficult hair.  If I had known that it would be so quick and easy, I would have tried it the day it came in the mail.


So here’s my hair with no styling – no product, just air dried.  It has a weird wave right around eye level that has made it hard to have a good hairstyle.  When it’s long the wave doesn’t look too bad, but it’s very layered now and the wave has taken over.  Getting my hair to look good right after I style it is fairly simple, but after an hour or so, the wave is back, flipping my layers up in a weird, funky way.

Professionals can get my hair to look good with a blow out, and it will stay that way all day.  But despite buying a big, expensive round brush, I’ve never mastered it.  I have a hair dryer in the shape of a round brush, but drying it that way doesn’t keep the wave away.  And I’ve never been interested in flat irons.  My hairdresser loves to straighten my hair, but it looks too severe, too straight, especially the ends.

When I was offered a Sedu Revolution Styling Iron, I checked it out online, and decided to give it a try for one important reason: the plate has curved edges!  If it did what it said it would do, I could have straight hair without it looking poker straight and severe.  But the real test: would it keep the wave away for more than an hour?  Could I actually leave the house in the morning and come home with good looking hair?

I watched the DVD that came with the Sedu Revolution Styling Iron, and it had some good tips for creating different kinds of styles.  I chose a very simple one for my first try.  It was inauguration day, and I was going to my kids’ school to watch the ceremony.  Even though it was bitterly cold out, the school is only a five minute walk so I figured I could brave the cold hatless, and I got to work.  I washed and conditioned my hair, and then following a suggestion from the DVD I put some heat protection cream on my hair.

I blew it dry upside down so that it would have some lift at the roots (1), and while the Sedu Revolution was heating up I put on a little make up.  The Sedu Revolution has a temperature control dial, and knowing how difficult my hair is, I set it to the hottest temp, and it heated up very quickly.

I’m not all that coordinated, but this was pretty easy.  There was nothing on the flat iron to catch my hair, so it slid through easily, and I gave the iron just a little turn at the bottom so that it would curl under a little.  Even though I couldn’t see behind me, I managed to do the back of my head without burning myself.  I put most of my hair up in a clip, and straightened the bottom layer (2).  I didn’t give the bottom layer the same attention that I gave the other layers, so that saved a little time.  Then I let some more hair out of the clip and did the middle (3), and then finally did the top layer (4).


The whole straightening process took about twelve minutes.  I brushed it a little and gave it a light layer of hair spray, and then off I went to watch the inauguration.  It was really windy so it got blown around quite a bit, but when I got home several hours later, no wave!  I’m really happy with the Sedu, and I know that when hat weather is over I’ll be using it a lot.  I’d like to try it on someone else’s hair, someone who has long curly hair, to see how it does.  But really, if it can straighten my hair with little effort, and keep it that way, it has a good shot at working on most any hair.  I’m going to try some of the other styles on the DVD, and I’ll take pictures.

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  1. Jen says

    Too bad I do not live near you. I have the most curly, difficult to get flat hair. I love to wear my hair straight. My flat iron that’s about 8 yrs old just broke and I am looking for new one!

  2. says

    You should DEFINITELY look into this one then! It’s not cheep, but look at it this way: you had your other one for eight years! You’ll get your money’s worth.

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