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I’m all for multi-tasking, but this woman is a boob

I’m a big multi-tasker.  I can make lunches while drying the uniform pants I fogot to wash last night while checking my email while talking on the phone.  And there have been plenty of times when I had to feed my kids in the car.  Microwaved bagels with butter are a big one for us.  […]

Just down the hill from the unabomber…

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Alec Baldwin elevates Buffalo…above Utica

I found this via On Location Vacations: Alec Baldwin will be performing in my hometown of Buffalo tonight, reading the Mamet play “Speed the Plow” at Rockwell Hall to help raise money for a local theater company.  Mr. Baldwin, who is, by many many accounts, an asshole, handed Buffalo a huge back-handed compliment while trying […]

Bush’s regulation didn’t go far enough

On the day that Barack Obama became president, a rule quietly went into affect that basically gave all health care workers the right to refuse to give a patient information or care if it involved anything the provider had a moral objection against.  If your pediatrician were anti-vaccine, he could refuse to vaccinate your child, […]

No love from the Quaker Man :-(

So I found out that I didn’t win the Quaker Contest.  I lost by 12 uploaded pictures.  And while I’m tempted to throw some guilt at the dozen or so people who told me they wanted to do it but didn’t/couldn’t/forgot, the winner had her Quaker day after me, so she probably did the same […]

Balloons aren’t just for parties

From the “now I’ve seen everything” department, somebody has filed a patent for a balloon that helps you practice for labor.  Seriously.  Read about it here, and then when you’re done laughing, come back. As someone who pushed one of my two babies out, I can tell you that it’s not a feeling I would […]


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This post not sponsored by Diet Dr. Pepper…

…because I ran out and YouTube hates me again and now I have a massive headache! Here’s the Saudi Arabia article (I found it on Originally posted on Selfish Mom

Our bed, not yours

I refer to myself as a “sleep Nazi” sometimes because it was really really important to me when the kids were little that they sleep all night and leave us alone.  It was fairly easy with Jake.  I don’t remember the specifics, but I know that is was months, not years, before he was sleeping […]

Please give money or my children will cry.

How’s that for guilt?  OK, they probably won’t cry, but Jake will be disappointed – not sure Fiona realizes what’s going on. So what is going on?  My kids’ school is having their annual “Jump Rope for Heart” fundraiser, benefiting the American Heart Association.  Of course, this isn’t like when I was a kid, when […]