Alec Baldwin elevates Buffalo…above Utica


I found this via On Location Vacations: Alec Baldwin will be performing in my hometown of Buffalo tonight, reading the Mamet play “Speed the Plow” at Rockwell Hall to help raise money for a local theater company.  Mr. Baldwin, who is, by many many accounts, an asshole, handed Buffalo a huge back-handed compliment while trying…

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Bush’s regulation didn’t go far enough

On the day that Barack Obama became president, a rule quietly went into affect that basically gave all health care workers the right to refuse to give a patient information or care if it involved anything the provider had a moral objection against.  If your pediatrician were anti-vaccine, he could refuse to vaccinate your child,…

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No love from the Quaker Man :-(

So I found out that I didn’t win the Quaker Contest.  I lost by 12 uploaded pictures.  And while I’m tempted to throw some guilt at the dozen or so people who told me they wanted to do it but didn’t/couldn’t/forgot, the winner had her Quaker day after me, so she probably did the same…

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