1. says

    Seems like it’s right on the middle but it may be a bit bigger/more swollen on the left side…why? I’ve already convinced myself that it’s some kind of “Fringe”-like thing that’s going to come to life and exit via my mouth. Is what you’re thinking worse?

  2. Cara says

    no i was just thinking that if was smack in the middle it was probably part of your anatomy that you were now for some reason noticing and freaking out about :) but if it was off to one side…maybe something else. If you have had a cold its probably just a swollen gland.

  3. Toni says

    There are no phelangeys on this plane!

    Are you feeling anxious about anything? The lump in the throat thing — and yes, a real, physical lump — can be from anxiety. Possibly like Cara said, it’s always been there, you just noticed it, and now you’re hyper-sensitive to it?

  4. says

    Well, the only anxiety I’ve had lately was whether or not my family was going to get the hell out of here today! Now that they’re gone, let’s see if the lump goes away too.

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