Bush’s regulation didn’t go far enough

On the day that Barack Obama became president, a rule quietly went into affect that basically gave all health care workers the right to refuse to give a patient information or care if it involved anything the provider had a moral objection against.  If your pediatrician were anti-vaccine, he could refuse to vaccinate your child, or even tell you about vaccines.  Want to fill your birth control prescription at your local drugstore but the pharmacist is Catholic?  He wouldn’t have to fill your prescription.

President Obama is moving to reverse the rule, but I think that’s a mistake.  I think it should go the other way.  Things are headed in that direction anyway, so we’ll get there quicker with federal help.  There are Muslim cabbies refusing to take fares who are carrying alcohol.  Hell, if that’s OK, then why do some racist white cabbies in NYC have to pick up black fares?  Does it work for bus drivers too?  Can they refuse to let ugly people on the bus?

If it goes against a health-conscious waitress’ morals to serve french fries, her job should be protected.  Same for the frugal bank teller who refuses to give money to the customer wearing Prada.  Movie theater employees shouldn’t have to sell tickets for movies that offend them.  And if your black child goes swimming at a public pool with a white supremacist for a lifeguard, you’d better hope your baby can swim, because that lifeguard won’t have to save anybody who offends his morals.  He won’t even be required to yell for another lifeguard.

Oh Bush, you had so many good ideas.  I’m sorry you couldn’t achieve all you wanted in eight short years.  Damn term limits.

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White House set to reverse health care conscious clause [CNN]


  1. Jeff of Peoria says

    Being in healthcare you have a responsilbilty to the patient not yourself. Your patient is priority. Do your job and then go to church if you ave to

  2. Daryn says

    You do the whole job or don’t bother pretending to be a Doctor. The moral conscience of a Doctor is irrelevant. If you have a moral objection to the job, don’t agree to do it. What would become of the waitress who refused to serve french fries to overweight patrons? She would be rightfully fired. The firefighter who won’t save black people? Fired! The EMT who won’t treat a homosexual? Fired! But you believe a Doctor, who believes life-ruining tumors are wonderful forms of life and should not be destroyed, has the right to refuse to even tell you about your options? Really? Am I supposed to pretend you sound intelligent when you propose such nonsense? If you want a job where you can flex your “moral conscience”, go work for the Church. What other non-problem will you idiots invent? Shall we defend the janitor that morally refuses to use the recycling bin? Defend a hospital that morally refuses to deliver baby girls? Someone with a real moral conscience would not enter the profession. Someone with a real moral conscience would do more with their life than serve as an obstacle to their fellow man. Oh those poor doctors! They went through medical school but no one told them that mean old abortions happen? Sounds like the medical school had a moral conscience and, by your reasoning, the doctors have nothing to complain about. The school simply withheld information from them because of its moral conscience…perfectly acceptable to you, yes?

  3. says

    @Daryn – I’ve read this comment three times now and I’m still confused. Daryn, this “you” you’re referring to, would that be me, Amy, Selfish Mom? You realize the post was sarcastic, right? Reading it again, there’s a small small chance that the “you” could be referring to Bush, but I don’t think so. Again, the post was sarcastic. Poke around a blog a little before you comment, just to get a sense of the author’s tone.

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