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And the LeapFrog Tag winner is…

Bonggamom!  She won a LeapFrog Tag Reading System and five books for herself, and an expanded-memory Tag and ten books for her local library!  This is a fabulous prize.  My daughter really loves her Tag. And I’m happy to say I’ve been sticking to – and often surpassing – my reading pledge of ten minutes […]

Dieting without exercising is…

…The lazy way out?  Impermanent?  Hopeless? I’ve never relied on exercise to lose weight before.  I’m just too lazy.  Dieting is passive.  I have to eat anyway, so I can just make better choices when I do, right? Not so sure anymore.  If that were true, this wouldn’t be an almost 20-year-old problem for me. […]

The nuts are coming to get us!

No, I’m not talking about Muslim extremists (ba-dum-bum!).  I’m talking about pistachios.  Salmonella-tainted pistachios.  There’s another giant nut recall.  A California plant has voluntarily recalled a million pounds of pistachios.  A lot of these pistachios were likely used in other foods, so more recalls are sure to follow.  Nobody has died, but the plant is […]

Good God, it’s raining toddlers

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He threw himself under the bus

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I love my ‘hood…between shootings

I was in the dining room on my laptop (back of the house).  My husband was in the living room watching TV (front of the house).  Our son got out of bed and came downstairs.  He said he heard a really loud “thump.”  I told him it was his imagination and to get back to […]

Abortion, Obama, and Jesus – Oh my!

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When is a person not a person?

Apparently, the answer in this case was “When that person is in a wheelchair.” I just found this on Consumerist (one of the best sites on the web, BTW).  This guy was at the airport, in his wheelchair, waiting with his luggage, when an airport employee started loading his luggage onto a cart because it […]

I guess I was tired

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Baby humiliation, Snuggie style

I’ve seen the commercials.  A friend even suggested that I should try to get my morning videos sponsored by the Snuggie.  The only problem is that I think they’re ridiculous.  I wouldn’t even want my family to see me in one, and they’ve seen me look pretty stupid. I’ve heard there are even Snuggie Pub […]