1. Jen says

    Well, 78 people received 1 million each in bonuses. That is not merely a mortage payment. It is excessive. A bonus for the sake of merit is okay. A bonus for as a result of failure, not okay. Should they give it back? I think that’s going to make many people feel like something is being done about this stupidity. It is necessary for investigators to figure out who is at fault and then get rid of them. Number one on the list is Geithner, I believe.

    Also, if we want to avoid a socialist type of government, these companies that are not making it should be allowed to collapse. The government should have no involvement in these affairs whatsoever, that, is capitilism.

    I really fear for our country.

  2. says

    Again, I’m being forced to agree with people whom I would usually think were totally wrong, but they’re taking a much more sensible view.

    I suggest you read these: Minority View and Think Twice Before Stoking Populist Rage.

    I don’t agree with your premise that a million dollar bonus is excessive. Excessive compared to what? It only seems excessive because it isn’t going to you. But taking it back won’t put it in your pocket. It’s clouding the real issues, but also, IT’S JUST WRONG! If the government steps in and says “You gave out completely legal bonuses but now that people have noticed and are pissed we’re going to take them back” then contracts will mean nothing and businesses won’t want to touch government deals with a ten foot pole. Pretty inconvenient considering the weight President Obama is putting on public/private partnerships saving the economy.

    Since when did letting an angry mob decide how to do things become a good idea?

    Stop focusing on the fact that some people have more money than you do. Those people keep other people employed. If they default on their mortgages, if they fire their nannies and housekeepers and take their kids out of private school and stop going to Broadway shows and eating in restaurants, how many more people will be worse off than before?

    The money our government is getting right now to pay for all of this stuff is probably getting borrowed from China. If people don’t get their bonuses, the money will not go into your pocket, and the government probably won’t borrow much less either – they already get taxes from those bonuses, and that won’t exist anymore. Places like NYC would be in huge trouble. If you think that you don’t care what happens to NYC, you’re wrong to think that – it will affect you.

    So I’ll say it for the twentieth time: stop focusing on the bonuses. Honest to God, that money doesn’t matter. It is a drop in the bucket compared to the world of financial shit that we are in.

  3. Jen says

    Drop in the bucket, you got that right. We are totally screwed. And, according to the minority view, with the leadership of the Obama administration along with Nancy Pelosi we are going to be more screwed. As stated in that blog, it doesn’t give you much confidence in the Obama administration and their future policies.

    You are wrong in one aspect, I do not care that people have more money than me. I am just sick of people not earning money. That goes for people that spend years on welfare and medicaid. They get rent, food, the best healthcare, dental, vision, premium formula, and more milk cheese, eggs and juice than you could shake a stick at. These same people can even earn a degree. What happens there? Many will go to class for a few days and then NOT show up for the rest of the semester. Wasting more money. There is NO incentive for them to get off of welfare. The system is totally flawed. I am tired of money that I work hard for (and I do work hard) going to some jackass (wealthy or not) that doesn’t deserve it. And in both cases this has happened. It’s NOT the BONUSES!!!! It’s the seemingly common misuse of money that bugs the shit out of me. Where does it stop?

    I respect your opinion in that too much attention is on the bonuses. I am not sure if I totally agree. One thing that I have changed my mind about after thinking about this since I posted yesterday, it is pretty silly to ask for the money back. I think that logic (of Congress) behind giving it back is to gain the trust back of the American people. Not that I agree with this logic.

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