Baby humiliation, Snuggie style

today-show SnuggieI’ve seen the commercials.  A friend even suggested that I should try to get my morning videos sponsored by the Snuggie.  The only problem is that I think they’re ridiculous.  I wouldn’t even want my family to see me in one, and they’ve seen me look pretty stupid.

I’ve heard there are even Snuggie Pub Crawls.  I hope those are done with an insane amount of irony, and not by actual fans of the Snuggie.

But hey, what you wear to stay warm is your business.  If you want to humiliate your poor, baby, though, this will get the job, in spectacularly unfashionable fashion.  Meet the Peekaru.


Actually, when worn in other ways, it’s not too bad, but when worn in this way, it reminds me of this scene from The Abyss:


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  1. Alfonzo says

    Al Roker, Meredith Viera et al look like they escaped from some weird monastery in the Catskills! As for the Peekeru… I really need to learn how to make the horrified smiley!

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