1. Toni says

    I completely agree with you. It’s a complete misnomer, and I get pissy about it because the people who use that phrase are, for the most point, too smart to not know that no one is “for” abortion. It’s hyperbole, phrasing it that way. But interesting about the “followers of Jesus”, since I’ve long wondered why so many Christians I meet don’t seem to pay much attention to the things Jesus was saying. Nice to hear other people have noticed that too. Good for them.

  2. says

    @Toni – Yeah. Is it too much to ask that if you’re going to make an entire religion about someone’s teachings, you learn what those are and pay attention to them? In all seriousness, Jesus would be appalled at most of the things done in his name.

  3. Alfonzo says

    Too many bad actions done in His name… Completely agree about the abortion issue. I’m not “for” abortion, and I would hope that if I ever had a wife or daughter she would never have to be in the position where she would have to had one. However, we should be glad that there are safe and legal ways for the procedure to be done. Goodness knows how many terrible deaths were caused by unsafe abortion methods.

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