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The nuts are coming to get us!

No, I’m not talking about Muslim extremists (ba-dum-bum!).  I’m talking about pistachios.  Salmonella-tainted pistachios.  There’s another giant nut recall.  A California plant has voluntarily recalled a million pounds of pistachios.  A lot of these pistachios were likely used in other foods, so more recalls are sure to follow.  Nobody has died, but the plant is being very cautious, probably in light of what happened not long ago with peanuts.

I always thought I was safer being a vegetarian.

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One Response to “The nuts are coming to get us!”

  1. kim/hormone-colored days on April 1st, 2009 10:29 am

    I’ve been on the email list for for many months now. They send out e-alerts on the latest food scares and salmonella, listeria, etc. outbreaks. It’s scary how many alerts I receive!

    Some times the idea of sustainable farm living sounds tempting (except for the lack of income and medical insurance, that is).