1. Cara says

    Ok I know this is going to sound crazy but if you want to stick to your diet you may need to get rid of some of the junk food in the house. Not all of it of course…..but I’ve been in your house..I think I might gain 20 lbs if I lived there…way to many choices of bad stuff to eat. In your defense there are also plenty of good and healthy foods but lets be serious…it’s so much easier to reach for the package of crap.

  2. says

    @Cara – Totally agree with you. But…and with me there’s always a big butt :-)…I don’t do well with the “Dr. Phil” style of dieting, of getting rid of all the stuff in your house and not driving by McDonalds anymore. I lost the weight last time surrounded by junk food, and by eating potato chips and fries and pizza and bagels – in controlled amounts. So I know I can do it again. If I lived alone it might be a reasonable way to go, but I’m the only one in my house trying to lose weight.

  3. Cara says

    Yeah I kinda figured it would be hard with kids in the house. I was going based on my experience…we don’t keep much junk food in the house…I am more likely to make brownies or a cake or something I really like to eat when I want to splurge…but if I make brownies…i will probably have a brownie or two every night until they are gone!!

  4. says

    @Cara – That’s actually what we were like in S. America – no junk in the apartment, and we had to go out in search of junk. We took a walk each night and got a tiny chocolate bar (we were dirt poor, not trying to be healthy).

    If you dropped me into a dessert spa and only gave me access to healthy foods I would emerge four months later 40lbs lighter. But as soon as I got back to the real world, I would gain it all back! I have to learn how to do this in the real world, a world full of McDonalds! And BTW, a small fry is only 250 calories. :-) Fits in very nicely on a day when I haven’t gorged on other crap!

  5. says

    @Amy – Wow talk about a Freudian slip – that was supposed to be “desert spa” not “dessert spa” – but I would much rather go to a dessert spa.

  6. Toni says

    I’m certainly not one to tell someone else how to diet. But I would have said the same thing as Cara, because that’s the absolute only way I’ve found myself able to do it. (and you do, I must say, have the most impressive collection of snack food I’ve ever seen. it’s really rather awe-inspiring.) Mostly I’m experiencing the same thing I did the last time I dieted (far too many years ago) which is that the longer I’m doing it, the less I really want the junk stuff anyhow. So I don’t mind switching over the pantry. All I really mind is the effort of making the somewhat healthier food, as opposed to grabbing the ready-made takeout-y unhealthy stuff. So lazy. If only I had a chef, like Oprah. Well, if only I had many things that Oprah has.

  7. says

    @Toni – Ah yes, the chef. That is my dream. Because even though I buy the expensive pre-washed salad mix that I love, I can still eat three bags of chips faster than it takes me to make a salad. And basically, the more I like a vegetable, the more preparation it takes (butternut squash is my favorite, and I have the scars on my fingers from cutting it to prove it).

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