I love my veggies!

Fiona watering

I’ve mentioned this once or twice on my morning videos, but haven’t written about it: I won a big contest from Hidden Valley RanchI entered the Love Your Veggies contest a few months ago, and I won!  Me and nine other people, and I’ll get to meet them all in Chicago in a few weeks as part of my prize.  We all get to go on a veggie retreat with a celebrity chef, Art Smith, and learn about growing and cooking veggies.  The other part of the prize is $5,000 to donate to a community garden.  I’m giving it to my kids’ public school, since they’re working on building a greenhouse for the kids.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this trip.  For one thing, traveling alone is a rarity these days.  I’ve always loved to travel, from the cars to the hotels to eating out all the time.  Being in an airport without kids is like walking around without a hundred pounds on my back.  Plus, there’s a spa trip involved, and I love spas – double when I’m not paying.  And the food!  This contest was about yummy veggies, from Hidden Valley Ranch, so I’m expecting lots of deliciously-prepared ranch-flavored vegetables!

Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t complain about it in some way, and the part I’m not looking forward to is making arrangements to be gone.  I rarely travel without the kids, so there’s nobody to fall back on, no usual babysitter to lean on.  The Ass, always supportive, is going to take time off from work to shuttle the kids around.  Thank God for The Ass!

Part of the contest involved submitting a picture of a garden that inspires you.  I was not being ironic at all when I submitted a picture of my Chia herbs (wow, second time I’ve mentioned Chia in one day!).  My friend Amybeth gave me the kit for Christmas, and I’ve had a lot of fun watching them grow.

I waited too long to transfer them to bigger pots, but they seem to be doing mostly great now.

packing peanuts


The basil smells amazing right after I water it, and tastes delicious.  The parsley has more of a bite than any parsley I’ve ever bought from a store.  The chives are delicious.  The only dud may be the dill, which doesn’t really taste like anything yet.  That was definitely the one that had outgrown its original pot the most, and the parts closest to the dirt are not green.  I’ll give the dill another month, and if it doesn’t taste like dill, I’m going to re-plant it with some regular seeds and see what happens.

Here’s what they looked like a month ago when I first switched them to the bigger pots:

Chia garden post transplant

And here they are today:

Chia garded 1 month post transplant

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  1. says

    I bought one of those for you and one for me. Now, you have beautiful herbs and I have… a box. Perhaps, that will be my weekend meditation time ;)

    Congrats again to you. Hope you have a great trip!

  2. says

    @ab – Yes, but now you can learn from what I did right and wrong! Do use the baggie system in the beginning that they describe in the instructions, I think that really helped. Don’t wait too long to transplant them to bigger pots, because I think I ruined the dill (BTW, if you decide not to use your dill packet, gimme – I think that one’s a do-over!).

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