What’s for dinner tonight?

I’m at my daughter’s dance class (well, in the waiting room anyway) with my son, and we were just talking about what to have for dinner tonight.  The party I’m going to for Mom’s Nite Out starts at seven, and I most definitely won’t be there at seven.  I’ll be leaving my house around then, when my husband gets home from work.  But at this moment, I have no idea what I’m going to wear, I have not done my hair, and am not wearing any make-up.  And I haven’t even looked up where it is or how to get there.  So while I’m figuring all of that out, I also have to get the kids fed.  I suggested a pizza (my default easy dinner suggestion), and Jake reminded me of the big box that arrived from Ragu a few days ago.  I haven’t opened it yet, but they knew that I’d be going out tonight, and were nice enough to send dinner for the family!  How great is that?

Now, the idea is that Daddy could easily prepare dinner for the kids in my absense.  I mentioned this to a few friends, and they all got weird looks of mild disapproval on their faces.  One said that her husband cooks better than she does anyway.  Another said that the idea that the dad would be lost without dinner-in-a-box is outdated and sexist.  I considered their comments for a few seconds, and then just had to laugh.  I swear, we can turn any nice thing on its head if we try, can’t we?  Anyway, Ragu knows that I’m married.  To a man.  For all I know they send different wording out to lesbian moms or single moms (if they don’t, they of course should!). And I’ll bet that even a dad who can cook would still appreciate some free food.

We have a different problem, though.  My daughter goes to bed at 7:30, so I’ll still be responsible for getting the kids fed.  So, depending on what’s in the box, I’m going to let the kids do as much of the work as I can while I get ready!  Obviously I’m not going to leave them alone with a giant pot of boiling water (I’m assuming there’s some kind of pasta in the box), but I’m going to let them take control and do as much as they can.  It fits in perfectly with what I learned last week in Chicago, at the “Love Your Veggies” retreat, that I should get them involved in the kitchen as much as possible.

So thanks Ragu, I can’t wait to see what’s in the box, and I appreciate you helping to make my evening a little easier!

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