Kodak ESP-7 printer review, plus more ways to win!

Kodak ESP-7 All-in-One Printer review

kodak-esp-7-printerThis is going to be a short review – for now – because I’ve only been using this printer for a few days.  I’ll do a more in-depth one after I have more experience with it.  But here are the highlights:

The good:

  • Setting the printer up to print via USB was very quick and easy.
  • The Kodak ESP-7 All-in-One Printer comes with a duplexer (for automatically printing on both sides).  Of all of the printers I’ve ever had, this was the first one where I didn’t have to buy a duplexer separately.
  • Pretty much any printer can make good document copies, and the ESP-7 is no exception.  But where this Kodak printer really shines is in copying and printing photos.  When printed on Kodak photo paper they look like they were processed in a photo machine.
  • There are two paper trays – one for regular paper and one for photo paper.  You don’t have to change paper to print pictures!
  • The printing options interface is very easy to navigate and understand.  Each screen shows not only the ink level, but also the paper level for each paper tray.  This is so useful I can hardly stand it.
  • It accepts all sorts of memory cards, plus PictBridge.
  • The buttons are clearly marked and the menu screens are easy to use.
  • It’s really nice looking – you won’t feel the need to hide it in office furniture.

The bad:

  • Despite double-sided printing being very easy, I wasn’t able to find double-sided copying in the menu.  It may very well be in there, but if it is it’s well hidden.  This is a very handy feature, and especially since the duplexer is included, I hope the printer is capable of doing this automatically.  I’ll keep looking.

The I-don’t-know

  • After about an hour of trying, I was not able to print wirelessly.  However, the reason I’m not putting this in the “bad” column is that I don’t think it’s the printer’s fault.  The printer found my wireless network immediately and accepted my WEP key, and all of the little lights that were supposed to be on went on.  But my computer still can’t “see” the printer no matter what I do.  Wi-Fi is a huge feature of this printer, but I can’t judge it yet.  I’m going to get on the phone with tech support tomorrow. And hey, I can then review customer support as well!

Two more ways to try to win this printer

As promised, here are more ways to try and win a Kodak ESP-7 All-in-One printer.  There are two other blogs giving away these printers this week as part of this campaign.  So, you can go to these other blogs and enter to win:

The Mama Bird Diaries

From Dates to Diapers

In all, Kodak is giving away over twenty of these printers, and as an added bonus, each printer winner will be entered to win a full scholarship to BlogHer ’09 in Chicago!

Good luck, and if you haven’t entered my ESP-7 printer giveaway yet, what are you waiting for?

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