Product Review: Secret Clinical Strength

I’ll admit it, I’m stinky.  Especially if I’m nervous.  Especially if I’ve let my armpit hair grow even a teeny tiny bit (how do the Euro chicks do it?).  Doesn’t matter what the weather is, I can stink up a shirt in the middle of winter.  I’ve actually had to throw out shirts on occasion when even the magic of vinegar couldn’t take care of this stink (and vinegar gets out just about everything!).  I found Secret Clinical Strength last week while I was doing some shopping on Amazon Grocery, my new obsession.  It was pricey – almost $10 per stick – and only came in a pack of two.  But I decided to take a chance.

Even though it’s called “Advanced Solid” it’s not actually solid.  It’s that creamy stuff that comes out of little squiggle lines in the top.  I usually don’t like this kind, since others that I’ve tried feel mushy and wet.  But this actually goes on dry-ish and feels very light.

The directions were a little confusing.  They just mention putting two clicks of the the stuff on at night.  This implies that that’s the only time you should use it.  If they mean put some on at night as well, they should spell that out for people like me who are easily confused.  But logic tells me that what they mean is to put it on after showering in the morning and then put some on at night too, so I am.

At least one of the Amazon reviews mentioned that it didn’t help with wetness, but that’s not my problem, just smell.  And the first day I wore Secret Clinical Strength I did notice that I was still sweating a little.  But on an 80-degree day with the air conditioning off, carrying about twelve boxes up two flights of stairs, I didn’t smell at all!

In the six days I’ve been using it, the only time it failed was when I took a two-hour fully clothed nap in a hot room.  In retrospect I should have put some Secret Clinical Strength on before the nap, but it didn’t occur to me at the time.  Still, that was the only time.  It even worked while I was at choir yesterday, wearing my choir robe, which is made of a material that I think was melted down from old tires.  Even on cool days this robe often makes me sweat, and yesterday the church was pretty warm.  Add to that the fact that I didn’t know the music very well (which usually gives me a stinky nervous sweat) and I should have smelled, but I didn’t!

So, two “arms up” from me for Secret Clinical Strength.

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  1. Jen says

    My mother in law is full of knowledge and has many great ideas. If that vinegar does not work, the next time, try a product called Odoban. Sam’s club sells it. My husband had a work shirt that smelled horrific. I washed it 3 times and nearly gave up. I sprayed some Odoban on the shirt and rubbed it in. Then washed it as I had before. The smell was gone. You have to kill the bacteria that causes the odor.

    I have used this for other smelly biological messes caused by children, dog, and husband. I believe in it! You NEED to try it!

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