Seriously, just kill a puppy on screen

My husband quoted some Hollywood person once – forget who – saying that making people cry is easy, you just put a puppy on screen, and then kill it.  Making people laugh is a lot harder.

I saw this commercial on TV a few minutes ago (during “My Name is Earl” – talk about opposite tones!) and was left a quivering mass of goo.  Found it online – in an expanded version no less.

Have to say, historically it has not been hard to make me cry. But this one gets me in about ten different ways. Not sure if that makes it a good commercial or not – hard to pick up the phone and change insurance carriers when you’re too busy slitting your wrists. Still, I think they were going for uplifting, but they take too long getting there, and by the time they do it’s too late.  But it did get me to stop fast forwarding for a minute.

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