Your safety or my reputation?

I haven’t had a chance to post today since my sweaty video this morning, but a new post of mine is up on the NYC Moms Blog (and yes, I did wrap my daughter in bubble wrap for the accompanying picuture – she’s a good sport).  It’s about how the media – and online media in particular – is making me think twice before letting my kids do things that 30 years ago were just part of growing up, not only because I’m scared of the media backlash, but because I’m scared that the police will overreact due to their fear of a media backlash.

While I’m on the subject of the NYC Moms Blog, we’ve been nominated for best local blog on GoCityKids.  So far we’re getting our asses kicked in the voting, but I know you can all help me change that!  Please head over there and vote, and if you really love us, please Tweet this:

Please vote for the New York Moms Blog for best local blog on gocitykids!

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  1. Una says

    So proud of you! Keep up the spinach too and if you can stand it, put a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar on your sauteed spinach. It acts as a natural appetite suppresent for one and has a load of other health benefits that are “released” when the vineagar mixes with the enzymes in the spinach. Keep up the good work!

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