Spinach pizza recipes

I actually do cook, despite what my sisters say

Spinach PizzaI got a few comments and even more emails about the spinach pizza I made for dinner last night.  Not only was it yummy, but 1/4 of the whole pizza was only 236 calories.  I had one piece last night and two today.  I still have one left for lunch tomorrow (if The Ass doesn’t eat it tonight). It’s actually not my favorite kind of spinach pizza – that honor goes to my Spinach Pesto Pizza – but I like to shake things up a bit every now and then.

Both pizzas use a Betty Crocker Pizza Crust pouch mix.  It’s really quick and easy, you just add hot water and let it sit for five minutes, then press it out onto a pan.  The whole crust has 640 calories.  I also really like the Pillsbury Pizza Crust that comes in a tube, but it has 960 calories in the whole crust.  Now, you get more crust, but I’d rather have a thinner crust and less calories – with all of the toppings, it’s really hard to tell the difference.  If I ever find the box with my big cookie sheets, maybe I’ll switch back to the refrigerated crust.  But during my last Amazon Grocery spree I bought a case of the pouch mixes, so I’ll be using those for a while.  Good thing I eat a lot of pizza.

Spinach Pizza Recipe

For last night’s pizza, I started with 1 teaspoon of olive oil, and sauteed about half of a white onion (6 ounces), 3 cloves of garlic (3/4 ounce; honestly it could have used more), a couple of plum tomatoes (diced), and 10 ounces of fresh spinach (frozen will work too, just make sure you squeeze out as much moisture as you can – I use a potato ricer for this, works amazingly well!).  Once it’s all cooked, turn up the heat to high, keep things moving constantly, and cook off the last bit of moisture – you don’t want a soggy pizza.  I put it all onto the unbaked crust, sprinkled 1 1/2 ounces of Kraft Three Cheese Italian Blend on top, and baked it for about 12 minutes at 450.

Spinach Pesto Pizza Recipe

The pizza I make much more often is even easier than that first one and tastes even better.  I defrost a package of frozen chopped spinach in the microwave and squeeze out as much moisture as I can using a potato ricer.  (I swear to you, this recipe does not taste better with fresh spinach.  Trust me.)  To the spinach I add a can (drained well) of petite diced tomatoes.  Yes, it has to be petite diced.   They just taste better.  Get the plain ones, not the ones with olive oil added (you won’t be able to taste it so it just adds calories).  (And again, fresh tomatoes will not add anything to this recipe.  It all gets mixed into a mush and baked and you can’t tell.)  Then mix in between two and four tablespoons of pesto, depending on just how lo cal you want to make this.  I use Classico jarred pesto.  Finally, mix in between two and four ounces of crumbled Feta cheese.  Put it all on the unbaked crust and bake.

I could eat this every night, seriously.  And it tastes fabulous cold out of the fridge.  My carnivorous husband LOVES this pizza.  So did my spinach-hating cousin.  If I make it with the smaller amounts of pesto and Feta, the whole pizza has about 1,070 calories.  With the bigger amounts of both, it comes out to 1,350, which is still not bad, considering how satisfying this pizza is.

So there you have it.  Two simple recipes that are packed with vitamins and let you have a nice big slice for not a lot of calories.  If I liked such things, I would probably add mushrooms to the first one, and black olives to the second one.  Enjoy!

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  1. says

    I’m not even reading this right now. I would love a pizza like that now, and have no way of getting or making one. The picture alone is enough torture. Later, when not hungry, I’ll come look at it again. I’m SO hungry and lazy to go cook.

  2. says

    @Cris – OK, I know this isn’t going to help you right now, but Amy’s makes a really fantastic single-serve spinach pizza on wheat dough. Perhaps you should stock a few in your freezer for times like these. :-)

  3. says

    I love pizza, so these are really good tips! I always wanted to try making my own, but I wasn’t familiar with these frozen doughs. I never tried them! So now, yes, I will try it. I’ll try Amy’s too. Thanks!

    (looking at pizza bolis web site on another tab; but now my body wants a cheese steak)

  4. says

    @Cris – Thanks, glad you like them! Another tip if you don’t even want to bother with fridge/frozen or packaged dough is to buy some from a pizza place. We do that too. They usually charge us about $3 or $4 for enough dough to make a large pizza. Makes great fried dough, too.

  5. says

    Holy cow! How great. Had no idea we could do that! Mom’s really know everything! :)
    I never had fried dough, but I’ve heard about it. Sounds yum.

  6. says

    @Cris – Fried dough really is an evil evil thing. Just fry up rounds of dough (I do mine about an inch thick, the diameter of a big bagel) in a shallow mixture of butter and veg/corn oil (butter for the flavor, oil to keep the butter from burning). It’s great plain, or with powdered sugar sprinkled on top. But again, I warn you, it’s evil stuff. And now you’ve got me wanting some.

  7. says

    I hear you. I’m still thinking of pizza, and I kid you not, as I was putting water to boil to cook pasta, the radio started playing an annoying song about pizza. It kept repeating “pizza” “pizza”…I just can’t escape it. I hate it when I wait too long to think food, and I do it often!!!

  8. says

    Sounds tasty. I don’t know why, but it never donned on me to actually freeze some uncooked pizzas to save for later. I may have to try this now. Anything I should be concerned about when freezing a pizza for baking later?

  9. says

    @Josh, Great Chefs – Hmm, never done it. I sometimes use frozen dough, but I’ve never made a pizza and frozen it to bake later. I think I’d probably just buy a frozen pizza, they’ve got the system down.

  10. Patty Lin says

    I just wanted to say that I was inspired to make a spinach pizza that even my husband would like. So, I did a twist on your recipe. If you would like the detailed recipe, then feel free to email me. I can, however, give you the ingredients: 2 – 4 Bertolli 8″ pizza crusts (I used toaster oven and needed a smaller personal size), 2 Johnsonville Brats skins off, one good-sized bundle of fresh spinach, one head of garlic (I think that is the right word), fresh basil, Italian four-cheese blend, and a few Laughing Cow low-fat Swiss cheese wedges. ~ I will also include the final product image for you. If you love it, you can share it with the world.. I am gonna put it on my Facebook. Cheers & thanks!

  11. Joe says

    Dont you cook off all the vitamins in the spinach? If you cook to point of no moisture, I have to think its cooking out vitamins. Not to mention what happens in the oven. Some say only cook spinach for 45 seconds.


  12. says

    @Joe – I’ve never really thought about it, but I’m not too worried. On any given day, if I’m eating spinach for dinner it probably means I had french fries (or worse) for lunch, so I’m not too concerned about a few vitamins either way.

  13. says

    Spinach,,,actually I don’t really like this kind of vegetable. But I think I will try to ask my wife to make it. Maybe this recipe could help me try to love spinach. thanks for sharing, Amy.

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