Bad soccer mom!

I’m over on the NYC Moms Blog today, writing about how much I hated being a soccer mom, and I would love it if you stopped over and left a comment!

Today is a perfect example of why I’m glad Jake quit soccer.  I lazed in bed until a little after 8, the kids playing quietly in the living room.  I folded some clothes, washed some strawberries, and made pancakes for everybody.  I’m still in my pjs, but am about to throw on some clothes and take the kids to Home Depot to buy some gardening stuff.  Hopefully by then the rain will have stopped and we can do some planting, but if not, we’ll go to a movie.

I was supposed to plant my veggies in a big bathtub that’s sitting in our backyard.  When we had the top floor bathroom put in, the new tub sprung a leak, and Home Depot let us keep the leaky one.  But a few weeks ago, my husband started the huge project of sifting all of the glass and metal out of the dirt in the yard, and he’s sifting it into my tub!  In three weekends, he’s only managed to sift about two cubed feet.  This is going to take all summer, if not longer.  I can’t wait for my tub, so I’m going to buy some big containers at Home Depot.

Fiona and the gloves

When I was a little girl, my dad used to take me and my two sisters to Three Sisters Islands, near Niagara Falls.  He told us they were named after us, and I think for a while we believed him.  But I think it’s a good bet that the islands were named after the three crops that the Native Americans would grow together: corn, which would grow high; pole beans, which would wind their way up the corn stalks; and squash, whose big leaves would make a nice ground cover to help keep the soil moist and keep out disease.

So, in one pot I’m going to make a Three Sisters Garden, and in another pot I’m going to grow tomatoes and cucumbers.  If I can find a strawberry pot, we’ll grow some strawberries too.  I just hope I’m not starting all of this too late, I really should have gone and bought the containers as soon as The Ass started talking about using the tub for sifting.  I don’t think he realized what an enormous job it would be.  But at least the kids like to help him!

Back yard work

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