Jason Jones made me choke on a pretzel

I haven’t posted anything from The Daily Show for a while.  It’s been consistently amusing, but nothing that jumped out as “Oh my God I have to share this with everyone I know or their lives will be incomplete.”  Until now.  I was simultaneously folding laundry, eating pretzels, and watching Jason Jones’ report from Iran, and I almost pulled a W., getting a piece of pretzel lodged in my throat from laughing out loud unexpectedly.  (If you’re curious, it was at the very very end.)

Why is making fun of Americans so much fun?

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I feel really sorry for that one kid, you know which one I mean.  I blame his parents.  They need to stop talking about football around the dinner table and pick up a newspaper.  Hell, turn on the news during dinner.  TV during dinner would be better than whatever’s going on in that house already.

Not to say that I would have aced the quiz.  But come on.

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  1. Cara Robinson says

    That was f-ing hilarious….a little sad though…….jesus h. christ america….put down the x-box360 and pick up a book….ugh!!

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