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As I enter my sixth day of apathy towards a talented, troubled, but completely crazy and over-indulged singer’s death, Jon Stewart is helping me deal with my lack of grief.

As with every sad event that’s happened in recent years, The Daily Show, knowing that it would be crass to make fun of the actual deaths and suffering, takes shots at the media coverage.  Bravo.

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Jason Jones in Iran

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  1. - E says

    I think people who dont like Jon Stewart should just be executed. Along with people who wear John Deere caps, people who auggest Obama is a spy or socialist or Nigerian, and with people who put ketchup on a hotdog (the worst offense of all!)

  2. - E says

    Amy, you know you’ll always get a pass from me LOL

    Hmm…If a tree falls in the forest OR a person has never eaten a hotdog… I gotta think about this ;-)@Amy

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