Weight Loss Tuesday: Weight solutions do not solve other problems

Living the good life, fat or thin

I’ve had a good life for the past 18 years, even though my weight has been up and down during that time.  I met a great guy, went to college, did a great internship, traveled around South America, moved down south, got married, moved to NYC, messed around with an acting career, had two kids, started blogging.  In that time my weight has varied as much as 87lbs.  That’s like one entire Olsen twin.

If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that my happiness is not tied to my weight.  I will admit that I seem to lose weight easier when I’m happy and organized and other parts of my life are working for me, but it doesn’t work the other way around: being thin did not make me happy.  The only possible exception to that would be when I’m actually in a dressing room or packing for a trip.  But that’s temporary and fades when I finally find something that fits.

I’m not sure I believe the experts who say that all weight problems are emotional problems.  I don’t know why I seem to be losing weight right now when for years I didn’t.  It’s not that easy to sort out.  But I do know one thing for absolute sure: anything that I’m unhappy with in my life right now would not change if I magically lost 40lbs tomorrow.  I would just be a thin person with problems instead of a fat person with problems.  And I’d probably eat the weight back on.

So, if I’m already happy and have a great life, why do I want to lose weight?  Well, like I already mentioned, it’s more fun to buy clothes and pack for trips and get dressed up for special events when I’m thin.  Also, I’ve been getting my picture taken a lot lately, and some of them have just been hideous.  I know from experience I’m more likely to look good in pictures from every angle when I’m thin.  And I also want to get back into acting and other on-camera stuff, and Oh My God, it is just not a profession for anyone with extra weight.

So, I’ve got some vain reasons and some practical ones.  But notice that not one of those reasons is “to be happy.”  It doesn’t work that way.  Don’t confuse the real problems in your life with a weight problem.  Losing the weight will not cause you to lose your real problems.  In fact, it might make them worse, when you come to the hard realization that getting thin didn’t solve them.  Lose weight because you want to be healthier.  Lose weight because you want to look better.  Lose weight because you want to feel better about yourself.  Hell, lose weight to fit into a pretty dress if that really motivates you enough. But don’t lose weight to lose your other problems.

Recipe: Zucchini Parmesan Hummus


And now, since I seem to be including a recipe with each of these posts, here you go: I made this for the first time a few days ago.  It was delicious, easy, and hearty.

My friend Jenny Jennie posted this recipe for Zucchini Parmesan Hummus on her fantastic blog, and since I just happened to have all of the ingredients in my kitchen, I made it (don’t tell her I used lemon juice from one of those plastic lemons, though).  Having neither a food processor nor a blender right now, I tried to do it with a hand mixer.  Not only did this method not mix the ingredients together, it actually proved to be a handy way of shooting chick peas in all directions at a high rate of speed.  So I went at the mixture with a potato masher, and when I could do no more, I switched back to the hand mixer.  It worked pretty well.  There were still some chunks of chick pea, and the zucchini’s skins did not mush up at all, but the flavors blended very nicely.

I decided to use only 1 tablespoon of olive oil instead of 3, but it was a really pungent oil and the taste came through beautifully.  I’m sure it would be all that much better with three times the oil (what wouldn’t?) but it just wasn’t necessary considering I’m trying to eat fewer calories.  I toasted up some whole wheat pita and had about half of the hummus recipe for lunch.  The entire recipe was about 540 calories, but half of it eaten with the pita was a good meal – I was full!

Thanks very much to Jenny for coming up with a recipe that brings some of my most favorite ingredients together in one dish!

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  1. Cara Robinson says

    I’m going to make the hummus recipe soon…it looks delicious and I love all things hummus. I am also food processor-less…I don’t have a hand mixer but I do have a blender :) good post all around..losing weight dosent solve any other problems in anyones life that’s for sure. For me it has always been about being in shape and feeling really fit and losing weight just comes right along with that. I have noticed that I also lose weight when I am really busy and stressed and I don’t feel as good as when I lose weight because I have stuck to a good excercise plan…so your right..hadn’t really thought about it before.

  2. says

    I’m so glad you liked the hummus and shh, I didn’t read that comment about the bottled lemon juice:)

    Seriously, though, I’m all about whatever works. I don’t think you should ever let a missing ingredient or two stop you from making a recipe (or an appliance for that matter). Great improvising.

  3. says

    @Jennifer – Thanks! I have little instinct when it comes to cooking so improvising always scares me, but this improvisation didn’t involve messing with ingredients, which is where I usually screw things up. :-)

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