Like (sloppy) mother, like (sloppy) daughter

I was so wrapped up in my own life this past week that I forgot I was posting over on the NYC Moms Blog on Thursday.  I wrote that post a little over a week ago, and since I’ve decided to give in on the whole issue, car rides have been much more pleasant for both me and Fiona.  It takes far less energy to vacuum out the car once a week than to be on her constantly for 45 minutes a day on the way home from camp.  And she doesn’t get all stressed out from me badgering her.

It’s funny, when it comes to the kids I usually try to take a more work now/less work later approach – the child-rearing equivalent of that “teach a man to fish” saying.  But you have to pick your battles.  For whatever reason, Fiona just wasn’t getting this one.  And the fact that she was getting stressed in trying was what made me realize I needed to give up.  I’ll try again next summer.

Surrendering to my messy kid

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