Home alone!

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  1. Laura says

    Is it a “deal” between you and your husband that each other doesn’t have to visit their respective in-laws? I wish I had that…although I think my in-laws like their son better with me around!

  2. says

    @Laura – Without going into too much detail, we both value having time alone more than having time with our in-laws. I had to go with when I was actually breastfeeding my kids (one year for each), but other than that, it all just works out better if I stay here while they’re in Florida. I get time to myself, and he gets a less stressful visit with his folks.

  3. - E says

    Amy, seriously, you look so much more relaxed and happy when youre all solo. Maybe there is a way to just stop time for a year (for only you!) Seriously, youre almost beaming hehe I know you love your family, but, its good to see you like this 8-)

    • says

      It’s the sleep. Seriously, that’s all it is. It’s getting to go to bed and stay asleep for 8 or 9 hours without someone snoring or rearranging pillows or getting up to get a drink of water. It makes a huge difference.

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