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I have the same routine every time the kids and The Ass go away for a few days: I pull everything out of closets, make a huge mess, and put everything away organized.  And that’s exactly what I had planned to do this time.  But then this morning I woke up with a crazy idea.

old kitchenSee, we moved into this big old brownstone three years ago and lived in the middle of a massive renovation for the first year (boy was that fun, especially with kids).  The money dried up around the time the top two floors were finishing up, and for the next two years we lived on those two floors of the house, which were supposed to be all bedrooms.  We’ve been using the top floor for bedrooms and the floor under that for the living room, dining room, and kitchen (a really gross kitchen left over from when it was a rental).  The floor below that is used for storage (it’s a disaster), and the bottom floor is where the kitchen, living room and dining room are supposed to eventually be.

Whenever we’ve had extra money we’ve had things done bit-by-bit on the bottom floor.  It’s 80% done – it pretty much just needs the big ticket stuff: cabinets, counters, and appliances.  It’s going to be a while before we can afford those.  But this morning, I got a crazy idea: why not move our crappy little appliances down there and start using the bottom floor?  That way we can put all of the bedrooms where they’re supposed to be and finally settle in!

There were a few problems.  First, while we have a fridge and stove to move from the gross kitchen to the downstairs, we don’t have a kitchen sink to use.  The one upstairs is part of a really disgusting old countertop that will hopefully be going into the trash in a few days.  So I’d have to buy some kind of stand-alone kitchen sink to use until we buy the real stuff (and who knows when the hell that will be?).  Second, I’m just not sure that I can get a kitchen set up down there and move all of the bedrooms in the next two days (the fam comes home on Wednesday morning).  And third, I had to convince The Ass that this was a good idea.  I called him this morning as soon as the idea hit me.

He of course wanted to wait and see what happens over the next few months.  I wanted to cry.  All we’ve been doing is waiting and seeing and so far, money has not fallen from the sky to complete the renovation.  At least this way we’d be living in the whole house, more or less (there’s nothing to do about the parlour floor right now, it’s really that bad – all of our extra stuff is just piled up in there in a great big dirty heap).  And using a temporary kitchen downstairs can’t be much worse than using a gross little kitchen upstairs.

He really wasn’t buying it – I think he was leaning towards no, towards more waiting and seeing.  And then I brought out the big guns: I reminded him that there’s probably a couple more months of grilling left, and now he’d be able to prep, grill, and eat all on the same floor.  Up until now he’s had to do the prep two floors up, and keep running down to the backyard.  He was silent for a long time after I mentioned grilling, and I had to bite my lip not to say anything.  I think that put things over the top.  He was ready to talk $$$.

We settled on an $800 budget – that seems like a reasonable amount to spend for a temporary set-up.  Unfortunately, I had to spend over $300 on an IKEA sink that could be set up quickly, leaving just a little more than $400 for labor – as handy as I like to think I am, I can’t hook up gas stoves or sinks, and I can’t move furniture and appliances all over the house all by myself.  But I think I’ve got it taken care of – the guys should be coming tomorrow.

new sinkSo, I’ve got tonight to get things ready.  I’ve already put together the cabinet and sink (I’ll let the guys drill the hole for the faucet tomorrow).  I’ve got to empty out the two big pantries that will be going down to the new kitchen – since we won’t have cabinets or drawers, everything for the kitchen will have to go in those.  And I’m going to clean out the fridge tonight so that there will be less to empty tomorrow for moving it.


Getting all of this done in two days is going to be tough.  And I sit here asking myself why I’m doing it.  I could have just lazed around and played Rock Band and watched TV while everybody else was in Florida.  But this stuff gets done while I’m here alone.  No kids under foot, no schedules to keep, nobody to worry about but myself.

So, I’ve got until Wednesday morning to turn this into a usable kitchen, living room, and dining room.  Wish me luck!

garden floor

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