I got a makeover!

OK, not me.  I’m actually in the same smelly clothes I was in yesterday, hauling out garbage and moving around furniture.  But while I’ve been working hard transforming my house, Karen from Simply Amusing Designs has been working hard to transform my site!

I’m sure there will be bugs to work out over the next few days, so I apologize if the site is down or if something doesn’t work quite the way it’s supposed to.  Frankly I won’t have time to pay attention to it for a little while – I don’t even have time this morning to make a video!  But I hope you like the new look as much as I do.

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    Hi Amy!

    Welcome to your new site – please let me know if you or your users experience any issues – you can click on my name and it will take you to my contact form.

    Thanks for being such a terrific client to work with!

    Karen :)

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    Funky! I like the new graphics and the color scheme. (Love the pic.) Though you didn’t ask for feedback… :) It’s great on a visual level. Functionally, I admit I miss having the pertinent links (your Twitter feed, recent comments) right up top, though — what I’m seeing right now is a giant box with two ads, and the rest empty, next to your posts. Okay, end of feedback. :) Nice makeover!

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      Hi Toni,

      Karen Lewis here with Simply Amusing Designs. Thanks so much for your feedback. What browser and operating system are you using, by chance? This site has been thoroughly tested for latest browsers, so if there’s an issue with seeing ads, I definitely need to know and fix it!

      Thanks so much,
      Karen Lewis email: karen@simplyamusingdesigns.com

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    Happy to help, Karen. I know that when I’m working on a web site I like to get responses back from folks using different browsers and set-ups. I’m using Firefox 3.5.2, and Windows XP here; I’m on Vista at home. But I think it’s not so much as a matter of being able to see the ads, as the placement. :) I loved seeing those links right up top. But it’s fine.

    Here’s a question though: navigation between posts. If I click on an individual post, like this one, I can’t seem to find anything to click for the next or previous post. Am I missing it?

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