No pedicure, but I’m going anyway

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    Hope your trip goes well and that the Touareg gives every satisfaction.

    I really hope you get to test a Routan. Other blogs seem to indicate that VW has a Pomegranite Red Routan SE with RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment)in the pool. Nice. Really nice.

    I bought the Routan SEL w/RSE in Atlantis Blue (deep blue) because of the larger engine. The SE has the 3.8L V6, while the SEL has the 4.0L V6. The biggest difference to me is that the larger engine gets better gas mileage–the best EPA average mileage of all mini-vans.

    Let us know how you like the TDI Diesel. I loved Diesels before they were clean. Now that they’re clean, economical, and fast (diesels held the top positions at Le Mans) you can’t beat them. Their fuel economy is equal to or better than hybrids!

    About the only way to improve on the Routan is to put a TDI Diesel in it. I’m hoping.

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    @Dave Williams – I was actually thinking the same thing! Put a diesel engine in the Routan. I’m loving driving the Touareg, and I’m totally not an SUV person. In fact, I’m surprised both of my sisters aren’t in the comments screaming “Hypocrite!”

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    @Cara – OK, that makes perfect sense for you, you live on an island in the Caribbean. But I live in Brooklyn! We have windows, and screens! But one more bite on my face and I’m going to consider it!

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